Hello Darling - Paradise

Once upon a time a girl was thinking of the perfect mint nail polish and she came across Hello Darling on Twitter by chance. The glorious Zoe Foster had uploaded a photo of Paradise and an order was promptly placed. This is the story.

The Delivery:

Although I only ordered one nail polish, also known as the perfectly minty Paradise, it came in a reasonably sized box and it was well protected from other evil heavy parcels. Due to a flash-sale I paid $12 for Paradise (original price $18.95) and shipping is $8.95. If you make a purchase for more than $85, shipping is free. My parcel also came with a hand-written note, I love personalised service!

The colour

Paradise is one of Darling's limited edition shades and they only make 250 of each shade unless there is a lot of demand for one of the shades. Each bottle has a gorgeous design and the logo is too cute. The brush is really easy to use and I was incredibly impressed to find that the pigment in the colour was so strong, I only needed one layer. I love nail polishes that only need one layer because it saves me time. Saving time gives me more time for other fun things.
Yes that's chocolate in the background.
All Hello Darling polishes have awesome names like Showpony, Rubber Duckie  and Hawaiian Punch. They are 3-free, cruelty free and there are no testing on animals so you can wear their polishes with pride. 
I did have an embarrassing incident last Friday at work because a regular guest was checking in and he grabbed my hand and I thought he was admiring my minty nails so I started telling him about Hello Darling. Afterwards the receptionist told me he had been looking for an engagement ring so that was just awkward. 

The lovely Sonia and Melinda over at Shop Me Chic interviewed Heather and Kim from Hello Darling, check it out here. What is so incredible is that Darling only launched in December 2011 and they have already made such a mark. Their website is beautiful too, each colour has it's own picture frame and the layout is incredibly easy to browse over. Now I am just trying to narrow down my next Hello Darling shade, there are so many to choose from. 

Have you heard of Hello Darling? Is it important to you that nail polish is cruelty free? 


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