Happy Easter

Today I want to wish you all a very happy Easter. You may not even "celebrate" Easter but I am sure no one can complain about 4 public holidays in a row. For me this year Easter will be a little different. I will be working every day but it's on morning shifts so at least I can do things in the evening. I also have these Easter goodies to keep me company.
I got this from the social club at work.
When I was home my parents and sister got me a very special Easter Egg. In Norway we have cardboard eggs that we fill with candy and this one has been filled to the brim. According to my sister it weighs 897grams so I can't complain. Calories don't count over Easter do they?
I did re-pay them though because I brought some Easter goodies to them too. I made my mum save them away from my family because I know they would have eaten them straight away. My girlfriend got the bunnies and she hasn't eaten them either. It is fun saving special treats for Easter. 
A normal Easter growing up would include school holidays, snow, getting the Easter egg on Saturday night, skiing, eating oranges, family and friends, grilling outside (we build our own fires), hot cocoa on the thermos and crime novels. Skandinavia has the highest sales of crime over Easter over any other area of the world. There is also Easter crime on the tv and a Easter crime mystery printed on the milk cartons, so unless you picked up on it already, we love our crime. 
A good Easter has sunshine and snow.
I hope you have a fantastic Easter and I would love to hear what you are planning to do on the long weekend. Enjoy time off with your loved ones and don't forget to eat chocolate. And the hot cross buns, they are my favourite part of Australian Easter - especially the chocolate chip ones.


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