Today's topic isn't very nice but it has to be shared. I get hangnails occassionally and it seems to be worse on my right thumb whereas my left thumb isn't so affected. A hangnail is a small piece of skin that comes loose and it can be quite painful, especially if you accidentally touches it with nail polish remover.  I couldn't find information on whether hangnails are hereditary but I think they are because I know my dad gets them.

Here is my hangnail appearing whilst wearing Hello Darling in Paradise on my nails.
It is caused by dry skin and you can reduce its chance of appearing by applying nail oil or hand cream over the affected area. It is also important not to tear off the hangnail, but to cut it off with a pair of nail scissors. I turned to my trusty Manicare kit.
I bought it from Priceline over a year ago for $24.95 and it was a good investment. There are scissors, tweezers and a nail file.
This was my tool for the day. I cut off the hangnail, applied hand cream and nail oil (you can never be too sure) and I could feel good about my nails again.
Do you get hangnails? Do you have any tips on how to avoid them?


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