Four Weddings and a Christening

Special occassions are fun right? Except, it can be stressful finding out what to wear and how to do your hair. I have a confession here - I usually just do my own hair because blow-dries take time and I like to experiment with new looks. I will now show you what I wore to four weddings and a christening, hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration if you are stuck. Sadly there are no pictures of the shoes I wore but if there is demand, I shall deliver.

Wedding A: 

Before this wedding I had never been to one before. I find that you can divide people in two groups - the weddingers or the funeralers. I sadly was a funeraler until this wedding introduced me to all things glorious and I loved it! Since I was new to the whole wedding thing I just went into my favourite store, Forever New, before work one morning and they picked out my outfit. I got exceptional service and I was so happy with the look. One tip I would like to add is that if you need attention from sales ladies and men is that it's a good idea to go in the morning because they are likely to have more time, be in a better mood and no customers have had time to be grumpy at them yet.
Because I knew I was wearing a statement necklace, I wanted my hair to be simple for the wedding so I just did a simple and sleek bun. I also had a spray tan from Classic Beauty on Hunter Street prior to the wedding. My makeup consisted of a silver eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, concealer, lip gloss & bronzer
Here's the outfit in another light. My shoes and dress got so many comments, but don't worry - there was no way I could (or wanted) to outshine the gorgeous bride! 

Wedding B:

This was my second wedding and it was a very fun affair. It was a scorching hot day though so I actually had to get changed in between the ceremony and the reception. I kept my hair simple and straight and my makeup was simply mascara, eye liner, concealer and bronzer. It was too hot for anything else. I had a spray tan before this wedding too at Access to Beauty in Coogee and it was a terrible one, I was so embarrassed because it was uneven and my hands were orange. I wore two old dresses for this wedding, the first one was from Bardot and the second was from a boutique in Manly.
The Ceremony Dress
As I previously mentioned, I got changed in between ceremonies because I was so hot and sweaty. The guests who commented said they preferred my first dress which is fine but I didn't want to be a sweaty mess. Clean clothes are underrated.
Please excuse the shine & orangeness
Wedding C:

The weather for this wedding was a little cloudy and rainy but it was a beautiful day nonetheless. I used a 5 year old H&M dress, did my hair in a side bun with hair clips from Oroton that were a Christmas present from my BFF and just kept it very simple. The necklace is from Colette.
The hair clips are so beautiful, they deserve their own picture.
I can never resist a little bit of touristness and Mike indulged me this time. 
We had a great time as usual and the wedding was very beautiful. I love the speaches too, I am such a softie.

PS - I wore this dress to our second date 3 years ago (we went to the races) and we ended up taking the same picture in the same place although you can't tell since it was dark outside.

Wedding D:

This wedding was extra special because it was Mike's brother getting married and he was best man. My de-facto sister Cait did the GHD-curls and I did gold makeup. The dress was new from Witchery but it was on sale so I could justify it. The blazer is from Portmans and I use it at work. The necklace was also from Portmans.
At the wedding reception there was a photo booth which was too much fun! 

The Christening

This little man is a very gorgeous friend of ours and I hadn't acutally been to a christening since my sister had her baptism 15 years ago. It was a beautiful ceremony and we had some lovely cakes and macaroons from Adriano Zumbo afterwards. I wore an old gold & black Roxy dress and the earrings are from H&M. I had my hair in a donut bun.
Outside the luscious church.

This was a big special occassion year for us - this all happened from November to September. I love sharing these special moments with friends and I just want to reiterate that it doesn't matter how new or old your outfit is, as long as you feel comfortable you will have a good time. Even the Queen recycles outfits so bring it on. For instance, the dress I wore to wedding A I wore to the hen's party for wedding D. 

How do you prepare for special occassions?


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