Date Night at Ikea

When you have been in a relationship for a while and if you live together, dates can be a little hard to come by. Add a partner working in hospitality and date nights become even rarer. Any excuse will do and when I was craving some home food on Tuesday, I googled where the new Ikea in Sydney was and excitedly emailed my boyfriend to tell him our apartment was only 20 minutes away from it. He didn't mind (he loves the meatballs too) so when he came home from work we made a quick getaway. The goal was to just go to the restaurant but Mike said we should work up an appetite and walk through it. He can therefore take on the blame for the purchases we made.
I always have the meatballs with brown sauce, mash and lingonberry jam. If you haven't tried lingonberry before I don't blame you, it's quite bitter and I was never a fan growing up. I have it now purely to cure any homesickness that may occur. My grandma used to put this into whipped cream and call it "troll-cream" so that should give you an idea of its flavour.
For dessert I chose a butterscotch cake and a cinnamon bun. I usually have princess cake with marsipan but because I had eaten so much of it when I was in Norway I branched out and chose something new.
In terms of purchases I got a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Nothing hugely necessary but still nice to have. My sister's name is Marit so when I found this table cloth I simply had to have it. I chose pink because our coffee table is dark wood and Marit is a girl. 
These are actually bread baskets but I am going to use them for makeup storage. Stay tuned.
I have a few scarves and this is a great way to store them. You hang it in the closet and the scarves adorn themselves across the circles. Great organisation ploy Ikea. 
Ikea has a range of scented candles and I managed to pick up 12. There is nothing cosier on a cold night than to be surrounded by candles. The small ones are $4 each so it is very justifiable.
I also bought a set of new linen. Blue and white feels so right and it cost $30 for a doona cover and 4 pillow covers.
I am now enjoying relaxing evenings on the sofa with the tv off. It's nice to switch off at the end of the night with a good book and silence.
Do you like Ikea? What's your cosy autumn tip?


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