Couples Massage

Before I went to Melbourne I wanted to arrange a massage for Mike as a present for finishing Ironman. I emailed the hotel’s external spa service and they were very accommodating and answered all my questions beforehand. Because the pricing was so reasonable (especially for a Hotel service) I decided to book the couples massage ($185). The reason we had it at the hotel was for convenience only, I did not know how Mike would feel after his race and the less he had to walk the better it would be. We booked it in for Monday morning and we were really looking forward to it. The couples massage would be 2 x 60 minutes but with one therapist so I went first and he went second. This also gave me time for a little power nap after, it was amazing.

In hindsight I would have done a little preparation to make the room a little cosier before the treatment – I am used to soft lightning, scented candles, spa music and I ended up having to listen to the room next door being serviced by housekeeping, lots of light coming through the windows and there certainly weren’t any candles around. Unless you count the glare from the ipad Mike was playing on.

After the therapist came to our room and built the bed and set it all up, I laid down ready for an hour of bliss. Unfortunately I could tell straight away that she was a smoker and it really put me off and I just couldn’t relax. You are in such close contact when someone is massaging you and it was very noticeable for me. I don’t smoke and neither does family or friends. I am not opposed to people smoking though because we all have our habits (mine is sugar) and you are old enough to choose what you want to spend your money (and health) on. I have also been told that smoking makes you less hungry so that can be a draw card for some.

For the first time in a treatment I just wanted it to be over. The therapist did a nice massage but it wasn’t blissful and the massage oils could not cover the smell. Some would say I am over-reacting but I felt uncomfortable and it could have been avoided. I also felt bad because the therapist was quite nice. Luckily, Mike loved his massage and that made me so happy because he needed it the most and it has aided his recovery this week.

After our massage I emailed the lady I had booked through and told her of my experience, and because I respond to a lot of negative feedback in my job I wondered if they would take it seriously. I did feel bad providing it but I also needed to say it because I was disappointed. She responded within five minutes, apologised profusely and offered me a complimentary upgrade to a scalp of foot massage if I have a treatment again. As much as I think I won’t have a hotel massage for a while, I appreciate the gesture of the offer and that she took the feedback on board.

I don’t want to name the business because they have provided amazing service both pre- and post-treatment and I think I was just unlucky. They are based in all the metropolitan cities nationally and I would use them again should I book a treatment. I just prefer that cosy bed at the spa with mood lighting.

Have you had a hotel massage before? Have you ever wanted a treatment to end?


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