Chanel Le Vernis in April, May and June

In March when I travelled from Oslo to Sydney I bought a beautiful Chanel nail polish trio. The newly released April, June and May are divine colours and I bought them all because I couldn't pick a favourite. After having tried them all I still can't choose which I like best so I am curious to know what you think. I find the Chanel polishes incredibly easy to apply and I love the angular design of the bottles. Their colours are always amazing and it spreads out easily during applications.

April is a deep red colour which felt really glamorous to wear. It is different to what I usually wear on my nails and I really enjoyed the change.

Then comes pink May which is another winner. I really like it because it is not too sheer but it isn't fluoro either. 

Lucky last is June which is what I am currently wearing. I would call this a nice and creamy peach. It is almost nudish but still very visible. 

This is the perfect spring/summer collection because it starts darker and goes gradually lighter for all those lucky Europeans and Americans going into summer. For us in Australia it is going the other way but we will need a little brightness to cheer up our days and there is no better mood-booster than freshly painted and bright nails.

The RRP on the Chanel polishes is $39, however I bought them in duty-free so they were $25 each. 

Which is your favourite? Have you tried any Chanel polishes before?


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