Bracelets by MollyFB

Molly is a lovely girl I have gotten to know via Twitter and she has recently started making gorgeous bracelets. Her website has a wide range of bracelets available and she customises each bracelet to your measurements. It didn't take me long to place an order and my arm parties have been going strong ever since.
I ordered a few silver and gold bracelets, and am so happy with the result. The fit is great and they are so comfortable to wear. I also love the mix of textures.
It has been so much fun to get ready in the mornings thanks to my gorgeous bracelets. The mint and pink are my current favourites although the yellow is also going strong.

Molly has recently released a range of gorgeous pastel colours and they are next on my wish list. If you want to learn more about her, check out this interview she did with Sonia from She's Sonic

How do you prefer your arm parties?


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