The Body Shop Chocomania Range

When in Melbourne I passed a Body Shop store and I saw the display of their limited edition Chocomania range. This was just after my encounter with the awesome chocolate lounge so I couldn't resist checking it out. As previously mentioned this range is limited edition and I was told it will be in store for 6 months. I'm always a little skeptical of limited editions because sometimes it is just a ploy to build hype and the limitedness often turns into permanentness depending on the sales. The Body Shop is marketing this as a "guilt free way of enjoying your Easter chocolate" but should we really feel guilty about a little chocolate? I get what they mean but we need to be allowed to treat ourselves as long as there's balance.

I asked the lady in the store for a sample of the body butter and the body scrub. She was nice but told me that the sample jars would not be big enough to cover my body in body scrub. I asked her to do it anyways as I really wanted to try it. I had a little DIY spa-session on Saturday afternoon with these beauties.

The scrub is scented so heavily from chocolate that it hits you. It might help to smell it if you have a sugar craving you need to beat. It is like applying grainy brownie batter on your body but I liked it. Because I had been told I wouldn't have enough scrub for one application I used it really sparingly but I ended up not using it all. The body butter is divine like all body butters from the Body Shop and is more lightly scented. The packaging also says that the moisture should last for 48 hours but that didn't work for me. The Chocomania range is made with 13 Fair Trade ingredients so you can use it with a good conscience.

I am still on the fence if I want to buy this or not - I usually go for lighter scents like Moringa, Strawberry and Shea butter. I think it is a fun range and cocoa butter is really good for your skin. I just never seem to finish a whole tub of body butter so I might check if there are mini-sizes available.

Have you tried Chocomania? Which scents are you drawn to?


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