Bobbi Brown - Beauty Rules

Most of us have a favourite makeup artist. It may be Napoleon, Gucci Westman of if you are anything like me it is Bobbi Brown. I think Bobbi is amazing and she has achieved so much. In addition all her makeup is designed so irresistibly well, you simply have to have it. The only shame is that Bobbi Brown is so much more expensive here in Australia than in the US. Recently I purchased Bobbi Brown's Beauty Rules from iBooks for $11 and I really enjoyed it. Although a lot of it is focused on teens there are some great makeup tips in there and she also does great makeup pictures that anyone can be inspired by. As proven by the cover picture below, so fresh and divine. 
In Bobbi Brown's advertising and books she always uses a wide variety of people. My favourite chapter was the mum and daughter one where they have been made up together. 
We all love a bit of sparkle now and then but how can you look at this picture and not want to apply gold shimmer straight away? It makes me want to play with makeup again and not just putting it on for work or parties as a routine.
Then there is this purple dream. It is my favourite colour and the eye shadow has been so well applied, I just want to wear it right now.
My dream would be to have a makeover by Bobbi and I imagine it would look something like this.
Bobbi always advocates natural beauty and the importance of enhancing what you are born with. It is also important to experiment in order to find out what suits you best. There are also wardrobe tips, and they say it's better to buy what you really love instead of finding too much on sale because it is not a great way to build a wardrobe. There's also that all-important tip of not over-plucking your brows. 

I really enjoyed this book and although I may seem too old for it I found it to be a great escape and inspiration for new looks. Bobbi's makeup looks are always outstanding and I am always excited to know what will come next. 

Have you read Beauty Rules? Do you enjoy makeup books?


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