Aromatherapy Facial

After my disappointing couples massage I wanted to have some nice pampering in a salon setting. I hadn't had a facial since before I went to Norway in February and to put it mildly, my skin was freaking out. I had some angry breakouts on my chin and I just wanted a good clean. The lovely ladies over at Bronzalicious had sent me a birthday voucher worth $20 with no expiry date so I decided to use it too. On Tuesday morning I called and was able to get a booking that afternoon. It was the perfect celebration after working 7 days straight. It was my first time having an aromatherapy facial and it was as divine as anything. In this facial products from Decleor are used and although I have heard a lot about them I had never used them myself. My skin really liked them so I had nothing to worry about.
Skin-goodies ready for action
Every Bronzalicious facial starts with a welcome back massage and mine was so good I nearly asked my therapist to skip the facial and just do a massage. I didn't though because I knew my face needed attention. The extractions hurt as usual but it was helped by a head massage afterwards when a moisturising mask was applied. 
The ambiance is always perfect.
It was such an amazing and relaxing 60 minutes and I felt so good afterwards. I went home, relaxed with a magazine and slept so well afterwards. Sometimes we just need time out and to treat ourselves. The facial costs $129 but I paid $109 because of my voucher and it was worth every cent. In the days afterwards my skin has calmed down and the glow is back.

How often do you have facials? Is it a priority or just when you have money/time?


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