Wink Hair - The Brunette Edition

You may remember that last time I went to Wink Hair my hair went light. Really light. I also got a fringe and I was really happy. Over the past few weeks I had been thinking of whether I wanted to keep my hair light or if I should go darker. I booked an appointment with Wink for Monday and off I went. I told my hair dresser that I wanted to go darker because I was tired of fighting the re-growth. She was very helpful and found a nice colour on the colour chart.
Before - hiding the re-growth
It's funny because I see pictures of celebrities like Rachel McAdams and I don't mind the re-growth on them but I couldn't ignore it on myself. I think I took this picture from Madison magazine.
This was my re-growth - not much but enough for me to notice.

I have mentioned it before but Wink has the best mirrors, they are gorgeous. One day I will have one of these in my hallway.
The colour we picked was quite ashy/light brown and it looked really dark on my hair but when it was washed out it looked much better. Because it was my birthday recently I also used my birthday voucher to redeem a free treatment to take home. Score.
The treatment I received is from Revlon Professional and it's a Color Sublime Treatment. From what I can tell Revlon Professional operates seperately from the Revlon beauty brand. It's almost as if they think we need more confusion in our lives.
And now onto the result - I have never been this light brunette before but I really like it. My boyfriend says this is his favourite colour and after 3 years together and lots of colour changes that really says something. 
It's funny but it has taken me time to get used to this hair colour because it is so different from blonde. Even though I've spent most of my time on earth as a brunette it still took a while to remember that I have brown hair again. I really like it and it's nice not having to worry about re-growth anymore. They say blondes have more fun but I am not sure, I have had just as much fun being both.

Who do you think has the most fun? Do you stay true to your natural colour or do you change it up?


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