The Weekend Review: The First Edition

I thought I'd introduce a new post to you all which I've called the Weekend Review. Because I work in hospitality I don't usually have a weekend off but I do try to make the most of them anyways. I am actually having a long weekend right now and don't have to be back to work until Wednesday which is quite the luxury, but I do have to work 9 days straight after that. I hope it will be worth it.

I have never been to the footy before so when my friend R invited us to the game on Saturday I had to jump on board, after 5 and a half years it was time. It's not all bad, I have been to many soccer games in my life (I've seen David Beckham play too - he is just as delicious in real life), but just not rugby. We had gorgeous weather on Saturday and when I asked my boyfriend what I should wear he recommended I dress like I was going to the local pub. Which is what I did. I also wore my special Maybelline Forever Berry gloss from the hot pink lips dare which my boyfriend tried to sabotage by kissing it off.

The look:
Top from Topshop, bag from Forever New,
jeans from H&M & sandals from Sportsgirl.
The accessories:
Earrings from Sportsgirl, Forever New bag, Sportsgirl scarf,
sandals from Sportsgirl, OPI Pink Friday toes and bracelet from Oroton.
The manicure: 
I did a French glittery mani and didn't like it.
I am glad I tried it though - never again.
We had massive traffic issues getting to the game because there were road closures due to the Future Music festival, everyone wanted to get in the Cross City Tunnel at the same time as us and when we went to park at ANZ stadium, there was a Taylor Swift concert on in the arena next door so there were massive crowds and not many parking spots around. After a while we managed to find a park 1km away from the stadium so we were only 20 minutes late. There was quite a crowd at the game too and I absolutely loved it. The wine didn't hurt either. It's actually illegal to serve alcohol at Norwegian stadiums so it's definitely a novelty for me.
The Bulldogs ended up winning over the Dragons 30-4 so it was a knock-out. 

The magazine:
I spent most of Sunday morning reading
this little beauty. 
I won two tickets to the Vow via Napoleon Perdis around Valentine's Day but I hadn't had time to see it yet so my boyfriend's sister and I decided to see it on Sunday. I can't resist frozen Coke anyways so I love going to the movies. I wore another hot lips dare lipstick, this time Maybelline's Pink Punch.

The look: 
T-Shirt from Cotton On, parrot necklace from H&M,
Sportsgirl bag, Forever New jeans & shoes from Norway.
The beauties:
O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray, Elizabeth Arden
Red Door EDT, closeup of the shoes & jeans.
The manicure (yes I went green):

At the movies: 
Ticket check, frozen Coke check, popcorn check.
I absolutely adored the Vow and Channing Tatum is just a stunner. It is a sad, but remarkable story and I wanted it to last longer. If you want an enjoyable couple of hours with some eye-candy the Vow is definitely for you.

We almost always order takeaway on a Sunday night and a regular place is Base pizza bar, their pizza is outstanding. We ordered the Moroccan lamb pizza, the garlic pizza (my favourite) and Mike made a delicious salad. 

How was your weekend? Do you have a routine or do you mix it up? xx

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