The Weekend Review: 30th Birthday Celebrations

Last week I introduced a new post called the Weekend Review and today I bring you the second edition. My boyfriend's sister was lucky enough to have her 30th birthday coincide with St. Patrick's Day and as such we were due for a big party. You might remember Caitlin from her radio-date extravaganza and we were very excited to celebrate her big day. The original plan was a barbeque in the park close to the beach so everyone could roam around and have fun but naturally, with Sydney being Sydney, the weather did not cooperate so we ended up having the party at home.
To cheer Cait up we woke her up at 7.30 with presents and a funny card. My boyfriend Mike had bought and wrapped all the presents and he is such a good brother. I may or may not have suggested to Mike that I put my old ghd in the gift box but he was not keen on this idea. 
Afterwards their brother Tom came over and he built us a bar! It is amazing and I love it. Because we are renting our apartment it is removable too so we can get our deposit back if we move out. Coincidentally it matches our didning table chairs. 
On Friday night Cait and I had baked up a storm and I made green vanilla cupcakes thanks to Alison's great recipe and I have written about it here. I went heavy on the frosting of course. This was actually my breakfast, I just couldn't wait.
For the party there were lots of cakes and cupcakes. To the left is a white chocolate cake, a red velvet cathedral cake, cupcakes and more cupcakes.
The birthday girl with balloons and everyone who came took part in painting on a canvas and the result is amazing!
Sadly I couldn't stay long because I was working in the afternoon so I had to say my goodbyes very early. I wore my new Aztec printed sweather from Miss Shop (I was inspired by Joanne over at jimmilou), an owl necklace from Diva, a bag from Forever New and a skirt from Portmans. 
I was also wearing my new ear-candy that my boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law gave me. I also got the Crazy Stupid Love dvd - Hello Ryan Gosling!

I was meant to meet up with Cait after I got back from work but of course when I got back to Coogee she was already in a taxi going to Kings Cross so I went home to bed. I needed my beautysleep anyways so I didn't mind. There will be more drinks soon I am sure.

I spend Sunday morning in bed finishing Before I go to Sleep and I absolutely loved it. I have reviewed it here
Coffee is always a necessity and I love my Nespresso Pixie machine. I bought it about a year ago and I cashed in the vouchers I got from work as an incentive for good performance and I spent it all on this machine. It is the best reward ever. I am also a massive fan of cinnamon and cinnamon sugar so if you haven't tried this on your coffee yet you simply must. You won't look back.
I also spent time at my new office - I have seriously never felt more like Carrie Bradshaw. Because the bar is a little high it forces me to sit up straight which is great for my posture.
Morning tea/breakfast. I had to try all the cakes from Saturday. I'm lucky my metabolism is fast.
The outfit - sunnies from RayBan, necklace from Collette, sweater from Rivers, skirt from Cotton On, shoes from Norway and Forever New bag.
I worked Sunday evening and came home really tired. All I could handle doing was removing my makeup with Nivea wipes, applying the Origins overnight mask and some eye cream. The perfect ritual on a Sunday night. 

How was your weekend? What's your quick fix when your energy is low? xx

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