Shabby Sisters

I love jewellery and I truly believe that everything that glitters is gold. I obviously prefer some investment pieces (Hello Hermes & Tiffany), but I also like that you can buy a really bright accessory or a chuncky bracelet to update your outfit/mood/look. Last week Kylie from Shabby Sisters posted a picture on Twitter of what I now know are the Princess Jasmine bracelets and I simply knew I needed them as soon as possible. The only problem is that I have skinny wrists and big hands and I always struggle with finding the right bracelet fit. I have been to amazing bracelet markets in India and nothing fit so I wasn't sure if ordering online and un-tried was the best idea. I asked Kylie if the bracelets were a generous fit and she quickly offered to send me a pair so I could try them on. It didn't take me long to say yes and she sent them the next day.
I love the design of the Shabby Sisters website.
I was so nervous opening the envelope because I really wanted them to fit. I knew that if they didn't fit I couldn't part with them so I would have given them to Cait instead. Beautiful things should be shared and I would rather see her wearing them than sending them back. 
I like the fabric bag it came with, because I actually store most of my bangles in two shoe boxes so this makes for a nice change. The colours of the bracelets are amazing and the combination of textures is great. And about that fit? It's just perfect!
I had to message Kylie straight away to share the good news! I was so impressed that she sent me the bracelets up front and I have transferred the money now. That's my idea of perfect online shopping! I am now eyeing off Princess Fiona which is green and turquoise, it's next on my wish list. 
Gorgeous arm candy.
Sonia from ShesSonic has also been wearing Shabby Sisters lately, she has a gorgeous pearl collar which is purely irresistable. It's an amazing statement piece which will make any outfit shine.

Which accessories do you prefer? Do you have the same bangle problem like me? 


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