Scented Candles and Meditation

After reading this headline you are forgiven for thinking that I have checked into a health retreat. I haven't but I do try to look after myself and sometimes it can be hard to switch off at night. I have always enjoyed candles and meditation is a way of re-setting yourself after a long day. 

The Sensory Lab Coffee Candle is a limited edition candle from Kit Cosmetics. It has a gorgeous coffee scent and it's wrapped in a beautiful brown glass. It makes you feel a little refreshed and your living room will love your for it.
The RRP for the Coffee Candle is $17.95, however if you also purchase the Coffee Scrub and Coffee Body Wash at the same time you receive a keep cup designed by Kit. I did this and here is my keep-cup. It is a saviour on busy mornings when I am running out the door. Keep-cups are a great substitute for paper take away cups so you should look into it for our environment's sake.
My other current favourite is this Summer Berries candle from Slatkin & Co which I bought at Bronzalicious when I was there last. It has three whicks and a metal lid to cover up when it is not burning. The berry smell really carries through and it is divine.
Another favourite of mine is the range of scented candles from Glasshouse. They have a great Vanilla Caramel scented one that will help beat sugar-cravings for anyone with a sweet-tooth. I just finished my last candle from Glasshouse so I will have to pick one up next time I am in DJ's or Peter Alexander. 

In terms of meditation, the most I have done is savasna at yoga. I did download some free meditation apps on my phone through iTunes and these two are the best I have found. I have to confess that I have fallen asleep halway through both so I don't know how they end but this just shows that it works. 

Relax & Sleep Well

This is the perfect app for when you are having trouble sleeping. It lasts for 27 minutes and focuses on your breathing and letting go of your thoughts. It is recommended to listen to this with earphones on but I haven't done this because I don't like resting with them in my ear. For now I am happy with the free version of the app, but if I do need to branch out there is a full-size version available which costs $7.49 for more content.

Deep Relax

I use this app for power-naps because it is a little shorter (19 minutes long) and I feel it keeps me more awake during the reading. Last week I didn't have time for a long nap so I just put this on with an alarm after and I actually woke up when the Deep Relax session was over and I felt so refreshed. If you have 20 minutes spare this is the app for you.

All these things make me so much more relaxed and they have been really good for me. Scented candles are good for your home and for your comfort and your head and body will benefit from some meditaiton.

Have you tried meditation? What is your favourite scented candle? 


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