Review: Cutex Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

I somehow managed to delete this post so I am re-publishing it. Thank goodness I subscribe to my own email updates so that I could just copy and paste but I am disappointed that the comments you left for me are gone. I must have ticked the wrong box when I was deleting a draft. Lesson learnt:)

Lately I feel like all I do is to polish my nails, take it off and re-do. I don't mind because I feel that nail polish is a great way of expressing your look and you can change the colours depending on your mood. I simply have to share with you my amazing nail polish remover which is the Cutex Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover. I have had it for six months and it is still only half-full. I always use acetone free nail polish remover because it is gentler on your nails and although acetone has limited toxicology, I still prefer to avoid it. However if you are removing shellac, you need to have an acetone-nail polish remover because it needs a strong solvent to remove the polish.
On Sunday when I removed Lucky Lucky Lavender, I only used two cotton buds for both hands. The fact that I always use a base coat prior to applying nail polish definitely makes it easier for the polish to be removed without any staining on the nail bed.
I then always wash my hands twice before applying new nail polish because after all, what's the point of putting on nail polish on top of the remover? It just won't stick.
I am really happy with Cutex and at a price of $4.79 from Priceline it has paid for itself many times already. It makes removing nail polish so easy so there is no excuse for walking around with chipped nails now.

Which nail polish remover do you use? Do you prefer acetone or acetone-free polish?


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