Payday Mani-Pedi at Nail Express

I am lucky enough to be paid weekly (in Norway everyone gets paid monthly) so technically I never run out of money. Except that I do sometimes so my boyfriend is a reliable piggy bank. This Wednesday Y and I had another nail-date at Nail Expressions and it was as successful as usual. She has become really keen on pink nails whereas I wanted something different. I wanted Hermes orange on my toes and was drawn to a grey nail polish for my nails.
OPI has the best collections and the two polishes I chose are from the Texas Collection and the New Orleans collection. I stand by what I have previously said - my dream job is to work at OPI.
Can you guess which polish belongs to
which collection?
The French bakery next door was open and Y ran to get us coffee and croissants. I didn't drop it on the floor this time thankfully. She did accidentally give me the decaf coffee and we didn't realise until we left the salon. I am hoping for the placebo effect!
The water was so deliciously warm - I could have stayed there all day. 
Grey nails, just like I wanted them. This is French Quarter for your Thoughts.
Natural lighting - my nails kind of matches my sofa now.
I really like my orange toes. It was hard to pick the right colour because I didn't want coral for once, I wanted just orange. Y helped me and together I think we made the right decision.
Naturally as soon as I got home I had to test the colour to see if I was right.
I am really happy with the result as usual and enjoyed not wearing the usual colours I choose at the nail salon.

What are your preferred colours? Do you often have your nails done? I don't but Y is a good influence and it's really fun to go together and I really enjoy the pampering involved xx

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