New Purchase: The Duty-Free Edition with Bobbi Brown & Chanel + the Homecoming

In the span of two weeks I went from Sydney to Norway and back to Sydney again. The only upside to all this travelling (and a part from some very precious family and friends time) is the duty-free shopping. I love to be able to explore new brands and comparing limited edition palettes. I probably could have spent quite a while roaming around but unfortunately due to constant delays I only had time three times (and I went to eight airports so it's not a good ratio) to look in store. Luckily I knew what I wanted and I snapped them up.

I bought Bobbi Brown's new Ultra Nude Palette - no one does nude shades like Bobbi and three Chanel nail polishes in the just-released shades April, May and June. I just couldn't pick a favourite so why not? We all know money (and calories) don't count in airports.
I am really excited about the Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette. A couple of years ago I bought a nude Bobbi Brown palette on a whim and I absolutely loved it and I used it all. I can't wait to dig into this one. The double-ended brush that comes with has an eyeliner brush on one end and an angled sweeping brush on the other end. It's the perfect match and you can create so many looks based on this one palette. There are six shades (2 eye shadows, 2 shimmer wash eye shadows and 2 metallic eye shadows). You can use all shades both wet and dry. The colours it comes with are Chino, Praline, Pink Chandelier, Stone, Champagne Truffle and Cocoa Berry. I bought the palette in Sydney airport before my flight to Oslo and I paid $79 for it. I also got a 5ml sample on the Brightening Intensive Serum. The RRP in Australian stores is $99.  
Next up, oh so dreamy Chanel. I do have a love affair with any makeup they release because it is all so gorgeous and it screams "buy-me". Who am I to say no? As previously mentioned I couldn't make a choice so I got all three months. The only problem with the fashion houses in the northern hemisphere is that they are obviously on opposite seasons to Australia and as such, this nail release is a spring range whereas we are headed into autumn. I actually don't mind though because it is nice to have bright and pretty nails when the weather gets cooler and the clothes get darker. I bought luscious April in Oslo airport for $25.75 and they didn't have May or June so I didn't buy anything else. In Brussels there was no time for shopping because of more delays. However, in Abu Dhabi I found the delicious combo of May and June and I went for it. The price was also $25.75 per bottle there so I think I did well. The RRP on Chanel nail polishes in Australia is $39. I guess you could say I accidentally got a buy three get one free deal?
By the way, I simply must show off the view I had on my last night in Oslo. Due to great insulation my room was actually super-quiet. It was heavenly. I had a 100 meter walk to the aiport which was bliss considering my flight to Sydney departed at 6.40 am. 
I got back to Sydney yesterday and returned to work today. My boyfriend surprised me at the airport with a fun balloon which was a great welcome home. We also ordered Thai food and saw Willy Wonka on tv. Not exactly the Mardi Gras night the rest of Sydney was having but it was perfect for us.
His family also surprised us with presents. His birthday was on Friday so we are born only 6-7 days apart (depending on if it is leap year or not). He is two years older than me though. The blue presents are his and the purple ones are mine. They grey one was from my family and there is also a present from my grandma waiting at the post office. The celebrations continue.
 There was also cake. A huge cake!
Because I slept nine hours on the plane to Sydney (with Celine Dion in my ears), I got up last night at 1am and was up until 9am. I therefore thought I would be super tired at work but I made it. Probably because of my affection for the delete-button on my keyboard.
Over the next few days, and after I kick this jet lag to the curb, I will be doing swatches of the new makeup and showing you how this all looks. I can't wait to try my new toys. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend and let me know if you are a Bobbi or Chanel fan? I would love to know xx


  1. the april chanel looks gorgeous!

  2. WOW! the bobbi brown palette is gorgeous. Glad your back safe. Now you need to catch up on PMMB! ;) XO

  3. Wow, I love them both equally but I tend to justify buying BB a bit more. :P

    Those were some great buys, love the colour of the Chanel polishes! Might buy one as a treat the next time I go away. ;)

    Amy, what's PMMB? :p

  4. Thanks ladies!=) I will be showing it all soon, just still sleeping too much/too little and working a little bit too hard. Haven't unpacked either yet so it's all on the agenda.

    PMMB is Please Marry My Boy, we are obsessed with fabulous reality viewing. It's on channel 7 xxxx

  5. Ah, yes, it's not bad, I've watched a few episodes hehe!

  6. Great purchases!! I love dutry free shopping too. I went especially crazy on perfumes when we went to Bali last year!! x

  7. Thanks Sonia, It really is the best. Perfumes are so much fun. I always duck into duty free just to try some perfumes before a flight so that I can be fresh xx


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