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One of my first ever blog posts was when I wrote about my first Adorder and I was very satisfied. I therefore had them in mind when I wanted to place another order because I wanted some special OPI shades. I had seen an article and youtube video with a Norwegian artist, Bertine Zetlitz, where she had the most captivating shade of green on her nails and I just had to have it. In the article she had also said a lilac shade was another favourite so I wanted that too. When I was in Oslo I dragged my very accommodating girlfriend into 4 different stores that sold OPI but the green shade looked like it had split and also, with prices being high a bottle was almost $30 so I couldn't justify it. I do subscribe to the Adore Beauty newsletter and I knew that they were offering some complimentary deluxe Clarins samples. I had heard wonderful things about their Beauty Flash Balm so that's what I chose. This was a 30ml sample and great value since a 50ml size costs $60. I placed the order on Sunday night, received a shipping confirmation on Monday and my postman tried to deliver it on Wednesday. I was home but he never rings the bell so I collected it on Thursday. Standard shipping costs $5.95 and express shipping costs $9.95. When you order nail polish you can only choose standard shipping since it has flammable content.

I ordered OPI's Jade is the New Black and Lucky Lucky Lavender, Original Mineral Frizzy Logic shine serum and received the aforementioned Flash Balm, sachets from Aesop and Subtle Energies + a Twix chocolate. The choccie is long gone of course.

I am again really happy with Adore Beauty and their quick service and great samples. It won't be long until the next order that's for sure.

Have you Adordered before? Am I crazy for wanting green nails? Xx

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