Melbourne is Calling

I have some exciting news! I've known about it for a long time but I put it to the back of my mind due to business and suddenly the time is here - I'm going to Melbourne on 23rd March for a long weekend. My boyfriend will be competing in the Ironman race and I am coming along for moral support and there will be shopping, I guarantee you. Don't feel bad if you don't know what the Ironman race is, because I didn't either before I met him. Basically it's a race where you swim 3.8km (as you do), bike 180km (as you do) and finish it up with a 42km run (as you do). He has been training very hard twice a day and been very disciplined and I am so proud of him. His beer habit has also been shelved but he substituted it with diet ginger beer which is the new Pure Blonde.

I am really looking forward to Melbourne and I have been there three times before. I love how different it is from Sydney even though it's so close. I don't have many snapshots from my travels but I found some funny ones so please indulge me.
Who's the sculpture now?
Posing by the river.
Hello from the aquarium
In 2009 my grandma & her friend visited me and we travelled to Melbourne, Adelaide, Uluru & Port Douglas. We had the best time and I really cherish the memories.
"Co-piloting" a helicopter flight over the 12 Apostles
I was also in Melbourne in September last year but it was a really quick trip and I only took a picture of the carpark we left the car at when we left Sydney airport. I always do that to make sure I don't forget. There will be plenty of photos next weekend, no doubt. 

I would love to hear if you have any great tips of where I should eat/shop/drink and what I should see. I've done the Skydeck, Docklands and St Kilda but don't mind what advise I get because it's been a long time and I'm well overdue a visit.

If you are a Melbournite, what's your favourite thing about your city? If you're not a Melbournite, have you been there or is it on your list?


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