Makeup fit for a brunette!

Now that my hair has become darker, I wanted my makeup to suit. I am also pretty time-poor before work because I drag out getting ready as long as I can. There is just so many other things I want to spend time on like reading, browsing the world wide web, power-naps, phone calls and as such time flies. This is of course if I start work at 3pm. When I start work at 7am I have even less time so these are my tried and tested favourites.

Garnier Concealer and BB cream. I have both in the shade light. The concealer is one of my all-time favourites and the BB cream has coloured me impressed - it does a very good job of covering blemishes and evening out my skintone. Goodbye foundation.
The Body Shop Mineral Bronzer is amazing and I apply it all over my face with the face & body brush. I love this bronzer and it is so pure you can sleep with it on. 
I had a little accident the other day and managed to ruin my Face of Australia Impact Curl mascara. I think I dropped it on the bathroom floor but I can't remember because it happened so quickly. I always have a spare mascara on hand so it was quickly replaced.
Natio brow kit, Rimmel London Volume Mascara Flash X10 and L'Oreal Chrome Intensity eye shadow in Coco Mania. These are all fantastic products and the eye shadow is divine! It's the perfect chocolate shade. 
I really like this makeup look because it looks well-groomed, bronzed and fabulous. It also takes 5 minutes all up so anyone has the time to do it. The mascara is also really easy to remove so I only need one swipe of makeup remover at night. 
I would love to know how you do your quick makeup look. Do you always have time for the perfect face? 


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