How to: Cover up an emergency nail chip

Last Wednesday I had my nails done and although they looked beautiful, I noticed that one of my fingernails had chipped on Friday morning and I planned to take it off and apply another polish. The only problem was that I had not packed for Melbourne yet. I only had an hour to do said packing, have a shower, eat breakfast (aka drinking a chocolate up&go) and I ran out. I was meant to pack on Thursday but time ran out because I was so creatively inspired to write and then I had to work. I admit I was overly ambitious in my goal on Friday morning and something had to give. That something was the chipped nail, because I didn't want to miss our 7am flight. I knew I had Butter London's Fash Pack somewhere so I put it in my bag so I could use it a little later. It's a taupe colour with a little gold shimmer. I'm no stranger to multi-coloured nails and I thought these would work well together.

The offending chip. When I had my nails done I noticed the technician did not seal the polish behind the nails on the edge and I think that's why they chipped so quickly.

Fash Pack saves the day again. All Butter London polishes are 3-free and if you are after a more natural option this is one brand to consider. It's kind of scary to think of what nail polish contains then if some brands market themselves as 3-free. It makes me think of what my beloved OPI and Chanel polished contain. You can purchase Butter London from
Adore Beauty, but I received mine as a gift with purchase from a magazine.

The result. I like how it is different but in the same tones. I got a few compliments and they all said it was such a nail surprise. Although it was coincidental I enjoyed this multi-coloured set of nails. As the original polish chipped more I painted more nails with Fash Pack and poor OPI was outnumbered by the time I got home.

The complimenting nail shades makes an ordinary manicure stand out and that's not a bad thing.

Fresh after Ironman (I'm so proud) my nails simply had to be shown off. Mike calls this the "beaver" because I do manage to make sure my nails show in pictures, even though it's purely accidental sometimes.

What's your tip for covering chips on the go? Have you tried multi-coloured nails?


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