The Fringe Diaries

I thought I would update you all on how the fringe has been going. I have really enjoyed having something new to do with my hair but I will be growing it out I have decided. Luckily it won't take long and I now have to be creative with my hair styling.

I have become the blowdrying expert thanks to my investment tool: the Parlux 3500 - it's an ionic hairdryer and it is amazing. It reduces frizz and is really fast. It comes in a range of colours (gold, black +++). Naturally I had to have pink. It has four settings - medium and max on hot or cold. There is also a cold blast button.

It's a strong little worker!

Naturally, due to the increase in heat styling I have been using more heat protectants and the O&M deranged is still going strong. The Kerastase heat-activated reconstructor milk is perfect for weakened hair like mine. A new Heidi Klum range has also just been launched by Schwarzkopf, and I have instantly taken to Heidi's heat styles mousse. It offers volume and 200 degrees of heat protection. It smells great too.

For after-care I make sure to apply a little Organix smoothing shea butter liquid glass serum to make my hair shinier and happier. I also carry a comb everywhere, because wind and heat does not a happy fringe make. It's also important to make sure my eye-area is looking refreshed and I use my Garnier roll-on anti-dark circles concealer and the Natio eye brow kit.

After that I just use a tinted moisturiser, a little bronzer and gloss. I have also been experimenting with sweeping my fringe up or to the side to create different looks.

This has been great fun but I look forward to growing out my fringe so that I can style my hair less. After all, when it's washed I love placing it in a high bun for it do dry but I can't do it now because the fringe needs to be styled.

Have you done any big changes to your hair lately? Do you style your hair every day or are you more laid back? Xx

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  1. Hi Ingrid! Great post today! GORGEOUS fringe - i am yet to visit the hairdresser! I need that babysitter!
    Anyway, I've had my eye on this hairdryer for a while - is this the one Zoe Foster raves about? Where did you get yours? I think I'm about to buy myself another birthday gift!!

  2. Thanks Alison, it was so nice to change up my look.

    ZF does indeed have the same Parlux as me and apparently she has had hers for years. I bought mine last year at this website (it's legit for sure) http://www.ry.com.au/parlux-c-611.html?gclid=CKXj5crt2K4CFWNKpgodt3YydA and they offer good discounts. Now I have seen that GHD is in the process of releasing a new hair dryer and ZF is loving it so maybe wait and do a price comparison? If not I can very much recommend the Parlux.

    When I bought a hair dryer for my sister we basically compared the watts and the functions and the cheapest was actually the strongest so that's definitely another option. She's happy with hers and it was only $30. Xx

  3. I want your fringe, that is all!

  4. I love your fringe and it looks gorgeous swept to the side. I've had the straight fringe quite a few times and I love it, but it's such high maintenance especially in summer.
    And yes, I style my hair every single day, otherwise I feel blah. I'd easier go without makeup and with good looking hair than the other way around :)

  5. Thanks Jelena, I completely agree with you - I'd priorotise great hair any day. The more I blowdry the easier it gets though xx


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