Fox In Flats Sparkle Dare

Last week I did another Fox in Flats Dare and this time we were talking sparkles so I knew it would be fun. I don't own any sparkly clothes so I had to rely on accessories but it wasn't hard at all. At the end of the week I had more sparkles I could have worn. This was a really popular dare and my twitter feed was full of pretty bling every day and I really enjoyed seeing what the other ladies got up to. If you want to check out my previous dares check them out here: Number one and number two.

Last week I had Monday and Tuesday off so I tried to use my biggest blings these days since I can't wear anything big at work due to the grooming rules.
Necklace from Portmans.
Headband from Diva.
New birthday bling from my grandma.
A sparkly brooch from Norway.
Necklaces from Diva, ring from Swarovski.
I simply had to decorate my cupcake!
Necklace from Diva - a $5 score.
Necklace from Collette.
I had so much fun being sparkly and it was great to see everyone's different looks too. I could probably have done this another week, I own so many sparkles. I used to work in an accessories store in Norway for three years and you got a 50% staff discount and if there was a sale on you got 50% off on top of that. As you can imagine I have bling-fever and it was a great job.

How often do you sparkle? xx

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