Fox in Flats Hot Pink Lips Dare

As I mentioned in my birthday wrap-up post, I was jumping on board the Fox in Flats dare train again. This time it was wearing pink lip gloss or lip stick for seven days straight. I do like a good challenge (do you remember the hair dare?) so it took me about seven seconds to scream yes on Twitter to Andrea from Fox in Flats. The only problem was that I didn't bring any pink lip products to Norway so that meant I had to go shopping. Which I didn't mind at all of course. I brought my sister as back up and off we went. It wasn't easy to narrow down the search but in the end I settled on two Maybelline products.
The store we were in had a 25% discount on all Maybelline products so this also helped narrow down the search.
I bought the Super Stay Tint Gloss in 190 Forever Berry and the Colour Sensational Lip Stick in 175 Pink Punch. The applicator tip on the tint gloss is amazing - its oval shape gives maximum coverage and it's so easy to apply the shade. 
And here are the swatches, Forever Berry on the left and Pink Punch on the right. I fell in love with glossy Forever Berry so I wore it on six out of seven days.
Day 1; In the store. I tried the gloss and the lip stick on top of eachother and it was a great combination. Just a reminder, never try lip products directly on your lips (due to germs and you never know who you can accidentally "kiss" by doing this), so apply the products to your hands and then use your finger to dab it on.
Day 2; Matching lips and headband. As you do.
Day 3; Pink and orange does not clash. I promise.
Day 4; Pink lips on a plane. This was the only day I wore Pink Punch and not Forever Berry. They are both fabulous shades but I am a creature of habit.
One of my favourite things associated with lip stick is dabbing it off after you have applied it to ensure its longevity. It just feels so Mad Men/grown up.

Day 5: At 4am, off to the airport for an unnaturally early flight. I did appease my tiredness with some duty-free shopping of course.
Day 6; I gave myself the day off because I was in between four airports, 28 hours in the air and my skin was dry already. I was also very tired and just wanted to come home. I knew I would bounce back once I was back on the ground again.

Day 7; At midnight. I made it through the first day of work and it was a really good night. I was too tired to celebrate though.
Day 8: Or graduation day as I would prefer to call it. I felt very proud and it has been a fun week. The Fox in Flats community is amazing and there has been so much support and great pictures on Twitter. I also think somewhere in Priceline an accountant is trying to figure out the reason behind a sudden increase in lip stick sales. 
And you know what? I will be wearing pink today too because it is fun and brings attention away from my tired and jet lagged eyes. It also brightens up your face, I promise.

What's your favourite lip colour? Have you tried a dare before? xx


  1. You did well to get through all seven days!

    I decided on day two that I would have a go, it lasted one day and then I forgot. Plus I was in a wedding on Saturday and I don't think the bride would of thought pink lipstick was fabulous.

    I love a good, bright orange lip - I just can't pull it off myself!

  2. The shades really suit you! I don't know if I would have managed to pull this off for a week!

  3. Thanks ladies. It was really fun xx

  4. I loved reading about your trip and loved even more that it had this beauty aspect to it (despite the sad circumstances). I think you've definitely found YOUR lipgloss!! x

  5. Thank you Sonia for all the Twitter-support during this, it has been so nice hearing from you. When I heard about the lip dare I just had to jump in and it was the best. I am addicted to this lipgloss now - shame they don't have it here in Australia. Maybe I should put in orders? XX

  6. Are you still wearing your hot colours even though the challenge is over??

  7. I did on day 9 and then I sort of forgot about it:) I can't wear strong colours at work and I have been there every day since Sunday so I will bring pink back on the weekend. I am having 4 delicious days off so it will be great. Now if only the weather could cooperate;) xx


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