Face of Australia - Impact Curl Extreme Volume & Curl Mascara

If I ever was to seek out the ideal mascara, I imagine it would go down like this.

Dear potential mascara!

You must have a beautiful design, love my lashes as much as I do, lengthen and enhance, apply yourself without clumps and lucky last; be easy to remove - don't take it personally.

Love, Glossy Lashes

I have been trying the Face of Australia Impact Curl Extreme Volume & Curl mascara for the past few weeks and so far I am very pleased.

The mascara wand is hourglass shaped and this assists with wider coating of the lashes without lumps and bumps. My lashes were also lengthened and got a little thicker. I do love the design since purple is my favourite colour. In fact, I matched my nail polish to it which I am sure is completely normal.

The Impact-Curl mascara is also free of parabens which is always a plus. I did however find the mascara a little hard to remove at night but nobody's perfect. All in all I think this mascara puts up a great battle towards my usual mascara and with a RRP of $11.95 it is very reasonable too.

What do you look for in a perfect mascara? What's your main lash-concern?


This product was provided for consideration, but the opinions are my own. For more information please check my disclosure policy here.

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