The Art in my Bedroom

I am a big enjoyer of interior design and I have previously mentioned how much I enjoy reading Table Tonic every day. It is my go-to blog for anything fabulous and I have a few ikat-cushions and a juju hat on my wishlist, check out the store here. An easy way to update white walls is paintings and posters because they are easy to remove and change up. I have 4 pieces of art in my bedroom and I love them all. Some are old and some are new and together they are the perfect quartet.

I bought this poster in a stationary shop in Christchurch and I thought it was really a really appropriate reminder that life goes on. I paid NZ$13 for this beauty. It hangs next to our wardrobes so it is impossible to miss.
My boyfriend and I bought this piece at Ikea, it cost $69 and it hangs above our bed. I really like it and although it is mass-produced, it feels unique to us. 
When I was in Bangkok in May last year I met this amazing deaf artist who did the most beautiful drawings. I have always been drawn to elephants - I think they are majestic and incredible animals and I couldn't resist this drawing. In hindsight I should have bought 10. I don't remember how much I paid but it was really cheap. This hangs above my desk.
The last piece is one I bought in DeeWhy when I first moved to Sydney. It was from a market and again, really cheap. I like it because it is peaceful, clean and the flowers will never die. I don't have green thumbs and have already killed one orchid in my lifetime. This is located on my night stand and has anchored my time in Sydney.
I think art is so individual but also something that can be shared by people and it gives a creative boost to us all. We all like different things and that's okay. It is a good thing that we can share our individuality through art.

Which pieces are in your house or bedroom? Do you have a favourite art piece or are you a bit of an artist yourself? 


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