Are you scared of being hungry?

This morning I had a plane to catch to Oslo at 7.15am. I know - why would I do such a thing to myself? Well I only had one day in Oslo and I wanted to maximize it so there you go. As I was frantically packing this morning (always so last-minute, it is one of my bad qualities), my dad asked what I wanted on my toast. I said "sjokade" (the Norwegian version of Nutella) and when I came to the kitchen to eat it I suspiciously asked if he had put butter on it. Which he had of course. I swear we have the same conversation every time I am home, he forgets that I have never liked butter on anything (unless it's in a cake, then it's forgiven). I skulled a glass of milk and off to the airport we went. Which was fine, I don't like to eat when I am in a rush because I am a very slow eater (depending on who you ask this is both a good and bad quality).

At the airport checkin went really smooth and my bag was just 16 kg although I am thankful they didn't weigh my hand luggage because it is heavy due to gadgets and a certain Easter egg given to me by my family. I did bring them Australian Easter treats too so it's a good exchange.

At the airport I thought of getting a coffee and a bun or waiting a little. Because I didn't have any backup (also known as cereal bars) in my handbag I bought a coffee and a cinnamon scroll. The coffee ended up being triple-shot because when you pushed the button on the machine it only filled up 1/3. Naturally I pushed the button 3 times because I wanted to get value for my $5 expenditure. I also added some cinnamon on top and lucky I did because it would have been undrinkable otherwise - it tasted so bad.

On the plane I went, juggling a coffee, a handbag and a wheelie case. I found my seat (which is more than I can say for the lady who was wandering the aisle a few times before checking her ticket which showed that she was going to Trondheim) and managed to sort my luggage and coffee out without spilling anything. Because of all the hot water in my coffee it stayed warm for an hour which is quite a feat but I only had 3 sips. The cinnamon scroll on the other hand didn't even survive the security brief, it was absolutely delicious.

Imagine my surprise when we were served breakfast in the air. I think I have flown too much with low-cost airlines such as Jetstar, Virgin and Norwegian Airlines so I didn't even think this was an option. SAS Airlines in my heart forever. And the bread rolls were so good, fresh and warm. Other airlines could learn a lot I say. My point is - I bought an unnecessary coffee and scroll just because I didn't want to be hungry 40000 feet in the air. I could have survived without both the breakfast on the go and the mile high breakfast but I didn't. And it's not the first time. I am scared of being hungry.

I must add a side-note here, my boyfriend learnt early in our relationship that things are better if I am not hungry and he calls me Angrid when I am starving or without sugar in the near vicinity. He always keeps little treats nearby or bribes me with paninis and coffee. Completely healthy right?

In terms of my lifestyle, I am lucky I can eat pretty much anything without gaining much weight. I have been the same weight since I was 12 and I fluctuate in a 5kg range which you can say is quite a lot when you are just 158cm short, but it works. As long as my clothes fit I am fine. Some of my colleagues love commenting on my appearance and they tell me if I look thinner or bigger. This is truly a pet-hate because first of all it's quite rude to comment on someones appearance (sometimes there are 5 people in one day saying something.) In my mind too I feel like a skinny comment is a "get out of jail" card because now I can eat anything. And the gained weight comments repel off because it is none of their business and I am happy in my skin.

I had an interesting conversation last night with my gorgeous friend (and previous boss) who in a span of 6 years has had 2 lovely girls and who is really motivated on a healthy lifestyle (although treats are allowed of course, we had cake). She is 10 years older than me and she warned me that it only gets harder to stay in shape. Her main motivation now is that it's fun to re-new yourself and fitting into smaller clothes. She is also scared of being frumpy. I think she is wonderful and her husband is very supportive of her when she needs gym-time or girlfriend-time. It is very interesting to receive advise from other women because some will be very honest and others may sugar coat things a little. I think striking a healthy balance makes it just right.

Is it just me or are you too scared of being hungry? I for one can't wait to get back to Sydney and resuming a healthy routine.


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  1. Hi! It's so weird that you have brought this up at this time. As you know I have been doing the 12WBT and I'm in my 3rd week (lost 2.6kg so far-yay!) and I have been feeling hungry the WHOLE time - and that's ok! I am someone who gets a bit grumpy if hungry, but I'm training myself to let that grumpiness go and to 'sit with my hunger' and remind myself that it's 'ok to feel hungry'. I am like your friend - post-baby is harder to lose the weight. x

    1. Hi Alison,

      That is a wonderful result, I am very impressed. It is okay to be hungry but I think we have just gotten used to convenience and that there is a constant availability of food. I am working on it personally and as soon as I beat the jetlag I will be back in a food/exersise/sleep routine xx

  2. I am such a grump if I don't eat, I am quite fussy too! I used to rely on carbs all of the time as I love the comfort feeling they give but they usually leave me bloated and wreck havoc with my digestive system. I am pretty lucky that I am similar to you and can get away with eating lots of things without gaining weight but it generally makes me feel sluggish inside. I am trying to improve and stick to a routine, including breakfast (I don't like eating too early) and I always feel so much better for it. I am also a slow eater like you, I think its because I am enjoying my food so much I want it to last!

    1. Hi Joanne, I am glad I am not the only fussy one. I too get cranky but I know it and can prepare for it. I also agree with you on the carb thing, I absolutely adore them (and Norwegians eat a lot of carbs), but my body doesn't love it. I love breakfast but not if it is going to take too long to prepare. Could it help if you just had a nut bar and a coffee in the morning to get the body started? xx

  3. i'm not too bad when i'm hungry but i get very tired and worn out and then occasionally snap. but i've started eating more often, but smaller meals so i don't really let myself get too hungry. it really does work but some days i just don't want to eat and some days all i want to do is eat!

  4. Hi Miss V,

    It's no fun being tired. Food is so important for our energy. Eating more often sounds like a great idea, I guess the ideal meals are 3 main meals and 2 snacks during the day but it's not always that easy to plan for it. No day is the same and your body can't be the same either so I completely understand how you have some eat days and some not so hungry days. It's the same for me xx

  5. I have been compared to a newly awaken hungry tiger pre-breakfast...I def have my crank on prior to my first coffee (and will also have a headache by midday if I don't have my coffee...not an addict, I swear!!) but I do get the same - low blood sugar/lack of food for more than 3-4 hours and my mood just plummets...everyone in my life knows to get me food stat when the crank starts to rise!!

  6. Wow Lucy, sounds like we could be twins. Yes the blood sugar can never drop too low and there must always be a snack nearby. I am working on the hunger feeling though because sometimes you just need some water or a light snack, not a chocolate like I usually reach for xx


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