Wink Hair - the New Hair Edition

I go to Wink Hair every eight weeks for highlights and a trim, because as much as I crave a lob, I am not game enough to chop it all off. Another convenience with Wink is that it 20 metres away from my work. My hairdresser Jenelle is a superstar and she gets what I want to do so there hasn't been any
disappointment so far. This time I also wanted to cut a fringe so the expectations were high.
My hair was crying for a re-vamp.
I was also getting highlights so that the colour could be more natural and also catching up on the re-growth. What was funny was that even though I've had my hair highlighted for months, people at work only noticed 3 weeks ago. Maybe it was the sun in NZ that made my hair shine?
The re-growth...
I had booked in for a full head of highlights but we ended up just doing a half-head but my hairdresser had advised that it was better to book in for too much than to run out of time. I had plenty of magazines to keep me company and a nice cappucino. I enjoy spending time at the hairdressers because it is nice with some time out.
After the foils were done cooking they were rinsed out, my hair was washed once, a toner was a applied to stay in for 5 minutes and after it was rinced out I got the most beautiful scalp massage and a hot towel treatment. My hair was like silk afterwards. The hair-rehab was complete. 

We then moved on to the haircutting part, and my hair was blowdried straight first and trimmed. Fringe-time had come around and I was feeling pretty nervous but I knew my hair was in safe hands. It took about 5 minutes for the fringe to be cut and I just couldn't relax because I was relying on the result to be good of course. I ended up asking for the fringe to be cut a little bit shorter twice and I am very happy with the result.
Wink's in the background
I had to head straight to work afterwards (well after a sneaky hot chocolate from Max Brenna), and it rained in compliments. 2 x "You look like Reese Witherspoon", 1 x "You should go to Hollywood" and a lot of noticing that my hair had changed. 
My boyfriend also got a little shock this morning when he woke up to a sleeping be-fringed lady next to him but he is liking the hair too. 

For the next few weeks I will have to train my fringe to lay straight because it is so used to going to the side so it should be interesting. I also have an annoying cow-lick in my fringe which will provided an additional challenge but I am sure it can't be too bad.

When was the last time you did something drastic with your hair? 



  1. Ooh! You look really cute with that fringe!! I've always gone through this phase of - should I grow my fringe, cut it? Then end up regretting it when I do cut it off. But you look really good!!

  2. I love having a fringe, but find it so annoying to style. I need a live in hairdresser ;)

    You look gorgeous! XO

  3. Thanks Norlin, I thought about it for a long time...=)

    Hi Amy, I get where you're coming from but I am prepared to put in the hard work x

  4. Oh I love that look! It really frames your face so well. Good on YOU!
    I NEED to do something drastic with my hair soon! I think you've inspired me.....again...thank you x

  5. It looks FANTASTIC! I once got a heavy blunt fringe & went brunette all in one go. It looked good, but I didn't feel like me.

    Tips on styling your fringe:
    1. Wash it EVERY day. Not all your hair, just the fringe.
    2. Blow dry with a round brush
    3. Don't put any product in it, nothing more than maybe a little shine enhancer or something.

    That's it, it's super easy!!

  6. Thank you Alison, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Miss T, your tips are fabulous! And I do own a round brush so I just have to brush up on my blowdrying technique xx

  7. Ooh its lovely, wish i could have a fringe!

  8. Thanks Jimmi Lou, there is always a chance xx


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