Tuesday pampering with SKII and Biore

My skin has been slightly neglected in the past week, I do the basic cleanser, rose hip oil, eye cream and moisturiser routine but I don't have the arsenal of products I am used to. I therefore decided to do a clean up this morning to bring on the glow. As mentioned yesterday, I am doing the Fox in Flats pink lips dare so that's why my lips are puckered pink. It is too much fun.

The tools are a nose strip from Biore and a whitening mask from SKII. It's a cloth mask packed with lots of moisture.

For the nose strip it's important to cleanse your skin first and that your noise is wet so that the strip will hang on. Dry skin equals less nose strip love. Or so I am told. I used this first and then applied the cloth mask from SKII. My sister came up before I could warn her and she started laughing. I do love to be the family's source of entertainment seeing as my dad busted me with a cloth mask last week and brought out the camera. Good times. I had the nose strip and cloth mask on for 10 minutes each.

When the nose strip dries it may be uncomfortable to remove it but it really works. Cue uncomfortable result. Close your eyes if you can't handle it but my pores really gave in. I really should be doing this more often.

And now for the result, I feel glowriffic! My skin feels clean and moisturiser and I am feeling relaxed. I also managed to get changed whilst wearing the cloth mask so I brought my flannel on.

I am now ready to tackle the snowstorm that's started outside and I'm taking my sister to a cafe.

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday and that you are in a warmer place than me xx

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  1. I love nose strips! It's gross, but kind of satifying to see all the gunk that comes out of your pores afterwards.

  2. I've started on those strips again two weeks ago! i do one once a week now and it makes such a different. I love those SK-11 cloth masks. Sometimes i really need the hydrating masks compared to the impurities ones!
    Your lips look amazing!

  3. The SK masks are heavenly....the only negative is the price :(

  4. I completely agree, they really work! Xx

  5. Thank you Miss V - they really work. Glad you are a fan too xx

  6. So true Amy, it's an exxy habit but it's still cheaper than a facial. Xx

  7. You have inspired me to get back into my masks. I have been neglecting them as they just take that little bit of extra time (usually at the very tired end of my long day) and I just keep neglecting them. I have an eye mask and a mud mask - I think I'll have to trial a nose mask though....maybe it'll change my life? x

  8. Who knows? The strips are a little scary because they are so efficient. If you are rushed for time you can either use your mud mask as a quick cleanser or before you go in the shower and then let it be the last thing you wash off. Enjoy xx


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