To fringe or not to fringe, this is the question.

When I grew up I always had my hair and fringe cut for me by my very non-hairdresser dad. It wasn't always even but he did his best. At least I avoided the bowl-cut my brother got. Small mercies When I got a little bit older I was more (as in very) opinionated and successfully grew it out with the help of heart-shaped hairclips.
Kindy-photo aged 3 or 4,  I can't remember.
Then a few years ago I wanted to fringe it up again and I really liked it but with Australia being hot I got tired of looking after the fringe. I do think it is a good look though and because I have a gigantic forehead (similar to Rihanna's although she calls it her fivehead) it nicely covers it up. 
Bar-photo 20 years young.
I am now tossing up whether to have a fringe cut again when I go to the hairdresser and I think I will do it this time, after all they say a change is as good as a holiday. Contrary to popular belief, the growing out stage doesn't have to be too painful, because a side-fringe can look just as great.
Birthday-photo, 21 if you couldn't tell from my decorations.
In terms of hair inspiration, I really like Reese Whiterspoon's hair. I have heard countless times from people how much we look a like (I think it's the chin) and I once had two American girls take my picture because of it. Not awkward at all. Sometimes I can be checking in or out someone at work and they will distract me with Reese-talk. Not that I mind but it can get a little embarrassing, although there are worse people you could be compared to. 
Adorable Reese.
Who inspires you with your hair? Have you kept the same style forever or do you like to change it up?



  1. At least you get a good hollywood comparison! :) like the photo of you with a swooping fringe. The good thing with getting a fringe cut is even if you don;t like it, it grows out within 1-2 months. You just get to be creative with hair clips and bands. Can't wait to see your new cut :) XO

  2. It's on like Donkey Kong. My hairdresser currently has a fringe so she'll know where I'm coming from:) Thanks Amy, I do like getting creative xx

  3. Fringes are so lovely! I think you should definitely get one cut in! Last time I went the the hairdressers, I was determined to get one, then I talked myself out of it at the last minute as I love being able to tie/pin it back when I exercise and I thought it would just annoy me. Can't wait to see yours!!

  4. Yes every time I see someone with a fringe I think I must do it. I have booked my appointment for tomorrow so I can't wait. Hopefully it works out well:) xx

  5. Fringes are the cheap botox. I got one to hide my wrinkles and it did, but it was too much work. I grew it out straight away. I agree, the grow out period is not so bad at all. I can't wait to see what you decide to do. Rachel xx


  6. Hi Rachel, I agree! I got a fringe and I am loving it so far but it will involve more work xx


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