Ready Set Go - the Birthday Wrap-Up

My birthday turned out to be a nice day full of love and support. My sister and I started the day by watching Tori and Dean's wedding planning show which wasn't too bad and 2 cups of cocoa. I adore wasting time with her, she is great company.

Since this was a last minute trip, my family had sent my presents to Sydney so I wasn't expecting anything but good company and delicious food. My cousins and uncle came over and we sat down for a nice dinner. My cousins 3-year old son Nikolai was roaming around and entertaining the whole table.

Beautiful tulips and a colourful tablecloth.

We didn't just have rabbit food - we had a mexican pot which is one of my favourite dishes. It's all about comfort food.

Then it was time for presents and I really wasn't expecting anything. My mum gave me a bouquet of flowers and I didn't understand who would be silly enough to give me flowers when I was only here for 1 more week. There was also a candy bouquet with my favourite lollies.

It turns out that my boyfriend (with the assistance of my best friend) had conspired behind my back and arranged this and then my parents received it and hid it from me. Best surprise ever and the flowers are gorgeous. I was very impressed.

In Norway we have a version of the Kit Kat called Kvikk Lunsj and it is advertised as the chocolate everyone takes with them when they go hiking or skiing and it's pretty iconic. When I was in NZ I brought a Kvikk Lunsj to Fox Glacier and it had never tasted better. My mum had actually knitted me a Kvikk Lunsj beanie - and also gave me some money and Kvikk Lunsj, would you believe?

And lucky last, my cousins had made me a beautiful handmade card with a beautiful greeting and Nikolai (my cousins son) had made me a drawing.

There was also money tucked in as well so now I have to find something clever to spend it on. Nikolai had drawn a man and a baby on a train on the water. It's priceless. Don't you love his angelic curls?

And the birthday wasn't over yet, there were also 3 cakes. 2 chocolate (1 gluten free) and 1 marzipan cake and it was all very delicious. We also had them on Sunday night after another family dinner. I truly believe cake makes the world go around, it's so good.

And that's that, I don't feel older but very grateful for good family, good friends and great blog readers. I will be in Norway until Friday morning but I will be back at beauty blogging before you know it.

Also, if you have the time - Fox in Flats is doing a hot pink lips dare which I will be participating in. Join in if you can, it will be fun. I am going to go shopping for pink lippies today and I am also going to spoil my little sister as much as I can.

Check out the link for the hot pink lips dare here

Enjoy the start of your week - I hope you enjoyed peering at the Oscars dresses as much as I did xxxx

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  1. Sounds like a fab birthday Ingrid! We'll look forward to having you back in Oz though, and seeing your hot pink lips (thanks for the shout out!) x Andrea

  2. Thanks Andrea! The pink lip dare will be so much fun and we will be brightening up everyone's day xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great day! I thought Miley Cyrus looked fab, she was my fave from the Oscars's! Enjoy the rest of your time home!

  4. Thanks Jimmi Lou. Miley looked great and her hair was fantastic xx

  5. I'm loving the knitted beanie - that will be great in our Aussie winter!! Great colours too. I love all your cakes too - so lovely that they all made a fuss of you. I just love birthdays! Happy Birthday to you!!! x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, honeycakes! Great photos! Wish we lived in the same state so we could catch up for a birthday coffee/cake/cocktail! :)

  7. Thanks Alison, it was so unexpected and just a lovely time with family. I think my mum should go into business with the beanie because it is so cool xx

  8. Thanks Hun! We can still do it, it will just have to be a virtual one. Sending you some Moët right now xx


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