New Purchase - the Sister Edition

My sister is wonderful and I do like spoiling her. She is 15 and I remember very well how it was to not have much money when I was that age so I decided to take her on a spree. I also needed some pink lip colours so we went on a little hunt.

We spent a couple of hours browsing and finding different things. My sister has gorgeous long hair and she has been using a travel hair dryer on it, I therefore was on a mission to find her one, plus a round brush and a heat protecting spray. She has been redecorating her room so we found a new lamp and a heart shaped cactus. For the face we found my favourite concealer, eye cream and eyebrow pencil. It was a great haul and she is obviously loving it.

I also found some old friends - my favourite tv show and skincare range (Origins). I resisted and didn't buy either.

I did however manage to pick up lots of jewelry on sale, it's gold all that glimmers. When I was in high school I worked in an accessories store called Glitter where my love for all things shiny started. I also got a lipstick and a tint gloss from Maybelline - they are both hot pink of course.

It wasn't easy to find the right shade!

I also bought a couple of cocktail rings and Alice bands to keep the fringe at bay.

Later in the evening I met a girlfriend for coffee and I had a Snickers Coffee - it was so good and yet so bad. It's a mocha with whipped cream and chocolate caramel pieces.

I adore giving my sister beauty wisdom, for instance yesterday she asked if taking solarium was bad for you. She then received a 10 minute lecture so needless to say she won't be doing it. I also taught her to fill in her brows, apply eye cream and concealer. Perfect sister bonding. I also want to make sure she knows how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin and I keep reminding her.

Today is my last day in my hometown, tomorrow I am going to Oslo for the day and on Friday I am going back to Sydney.

Hope you had a special leap day and let me know if you have bought anything exciting lately. Xxxx

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  1. How sweet are you, what a great day, wish I had a little sister to spoil! What shade lipstick did you get, I have that one in Summer Pink, its fab!

  2. Thanks Joanne, she is a delight:) I got the tint gloss in 190 forever berry and the lipstick in 175 pink punch. They are amazing shades and I will have to check out the one you got too xx

  3. Hi Ingrid! That sounds like so much fun - the next next thing to having a shopping spree for yourself, is to have one for your sister (I am guessing as I don't have a sister, just a brother - he's not really into hair straighteners and lipstick). So, I am dying to hear about your lipstick purchase - is it good, ok, bad? I am forever searching for the perfect hue - I am intrigued to hear about the need for pink. Is it purely the challenge you are up to??? xox

  4. Aw, you're so sweet!

    It looks like an amazing day, I really miss my family now!

    And that iced coffee looks delicious!

  5. Haha., yes it was good fun. My big brother isn't into hair straighteners either, that's for sure. I am still trialling the lipstick and lip tint but so far I am loving the colour and the longevity is quite good. I'll post more on it when I am back in Sydney xx

  6. Thank you - she is a sweetheart and very easy to spoil. I like seeing her have so much fun with makeup, it's a ball xx


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