New Purchase: The Lost Luggage Edition

As you may remember, my luggage was lost somewhere between Sydney and Oslo. I didn't really have time to process it, and I quickly left my dad's number (in the heat of the moment I couldn't remember my number) at the service counter before I ran to catch my flight to Bodø. On Tuesday morning my dad and I went shopping and we were very quick and efficient. Because spring is on its way, there were lots of winter clothes on sale so it was perfect timing. We got 50-75% off on almost everything. I also made sure to just buy things I liked, not just because I had to buy something.

I tried to borrow my sister's jacket to go shopping but I ended up looking like a little bubble! This was just more motivation to find nice things.

The coat is from H&M:

The dress is from a store called Vila, and I needed a funeral/memorial dress:

I also needed shoes. The ballerina flats and the boots were from ØkonomiSko (sort of like Payless but not quite), and Asics runners (my birthday present) from GSport. The are as light as air and works perfectly for running on snow/ice/asfalt. I do like a multi-tasked shoe.

I also got a pair of jeans from H&M, a pair of black pants, 2 flannelette shirts & two sweater jackets from Cubus and a light coral sweater from Vila. I love the gold buttons.

I also needed a moisturiser and a cleanser so I just ran into the nearest grocery store. Their selection was very limited but I got what I needed. All in all the shopping trip took 1 hour, how is that for efficiency?

The funny thing was that as soon as I got in the car after my skincare purchase, my dad received a phone call from the airport saying that my bag had arrived. Hurrah and my wardrobe had instantly doubled.

I was so relieved and it was great being able to give my family their little presents!
I think it's pretty good service that my bag was sent to my hometown automatically and it was so quickly delivered. I am now trying to sort out compensation with the airline but these things take time.

Have your luggage ever gone missing? What has been your best emergency purchase?


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  1. It must have been so stressful having your luggage lost, glad it finally arrived though. New clothes are always a plus!

  2. I've been really lucky that it has never happened to me. I'm more worried about on the flight home losing my bag. Then I have all my overseas purchases ;)

  3. They sure are=) It was a great relief that the bag came too xx

  4. It was my first time with lost luggage and it was such a relief to receive it. I agree though, it would definitely be worse to lose it on the way back. Here's to hoping it doesn't happen again xx


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