New Purchase: Comparing Net-a-Porter and Endless

I remember about a year ago I emailed my girlfriend showing her a bag I really liked. The bag in question was Marc Jacobs' Petal to the Metal bag and although I really wanted it, I never got around to buying the bag because I didn't "need" it. Then a week ago I looked at Net-a-Porter again and the bag was still there and I thought that I had to snap it up because this was ridiculous. Net-a-Porter was also really having a sale on blue Rayban Wayfarers so I went for it. I ordered on Saturday and I received the package on Thursday. I had already heard word of their gorgeous packaging and it is all true.
More proof the packaging is gorgeous. For serial-shoppers they do offer the option of just receiving a simple grey box but I prefer luxe all the way.

Because it was my first order from Net-a-Porter I received a measuring tape and instructions in French. I did study French for 5 years in school but I can't remember much.
My sunnies arrived safe and sound. They are my third pair of RayBans, I do love them and so does my face.
And here is the bag, I am in love. It is a piece of luxury and the leather just smells so nice. It also forces me to bring less with me when I go out and about because I often bring way too much stuff with me.
RayBanning it up!
All in all I am very happy with my Net-a-Porter experience, although I am not a fan of paying 20 pounds for shipping. It is totally worth it though seeing as they deliver quick and the packaging is beautiful.

Now I had never heard about Endless before until I was tipped about the site from my Twitter-buddy @Kimbalikes who blogs here. I am grateful she told me but my wallet sure isn't. Because I found a bag I liked on Endless from See by Chloe, I thought I would get it in the name of research. You also get free shipping from Endless if your purchase exceeds $125 so I decided to buy a So Mine slapwatch too. I ordered on Tuesday and received the packages on Friday.

Since I received 2 boxes I instantly thought, Oh no, did I click on the purchase button twice? 
It turns out that they wanted to ensure both products arrived in perfect condition and as such, my slapwatch arrived in its own box.
I obviously picked yellow although there is a range of colours available. It belongs on my arm don't you think?
Next up was my See by Chloe bag which was protected by a bag and its own box of course.
I am pleased to introduce you to my coral See by Chloe bag although it looks quite orange in this picture. Isn't it pretty?
In terms of both websites I am very satisfied in terms of pricing and time of delivery. Net-a-porter has the best packaging but Endless has free shipping which is always a winning quality. As long as they have what you want (and that shouldn't be a problem) you should just go for it.

Have you tried either of these websites? Which do you prefer? 



  1. Wow! Big spender! Thank you for sharing those sites - I'd never heard of either, so I'm about to check them out!
    I love Asos for free shipping! Such gorgeous clothes and ideas on how to wear outfits - love it!

  2. Please don't mention it, I am done with the spending. At least I didn't buy beauty stuff;) Thanks for the reminder regarding Asos, I have been there a few times but never clicked buy... x

  3. i had my eye on a gorgeous Dior skirt once on net-a-porter but as it was around AU$2000, i never ended up buying it.
    The packaging does look gorgeous but i think free shipping is always the selling point for me.

  4. I'm always browsing net-a-porter, one day I hope!

  5. Ohhhh nice bags :) I have a gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag, but it is a coral colour so I don't use it very often, but it is gorgeous.

  6. Ingrid, you did very, very well with your purchases!

    A note about the endless.com website is that they offer free courier delivery (two days from the US to Sydney!) if you spend over $125 but it is only $10 if you spend less. Standard postage is only $5, but free if you spend over $100.

    They have excellent customer service too. I had a problem with the Marc for Marc Jacobs bag I bought (turns out it was a design flaw not a defect). They contacted me within the hour and the next morning arranged another one to be sent to me. It arrived before I'd had a chance to get to the Post Office to return the original one. They're paying the return postage too, as soon as I get the receipt to them, that is!

    When they discovered that it was a design flaw not a defect (the magnets were incapable of keeping the bag closed), they gave me a $25 store credit, which more than covered the $15 I paid my bootmaker to fix the bag! I may have got some coral See by Chloe inspiration from you, Ingrid, as my credit paid for most of a lovely coral See by Chloe canvas shopper! :)

    I'm a big ASOS fan too, and am always browsing Shopbop.com for inspiration!

  7. Hi Miss V! A Dior skirt would have been fab but $2000 would be very hard to justify. I really like that they have such different price points. Free shipping is an important factor for sure x

    Jimmi-Lou, I go on there quite a bit just to see the outfits put together, because I can always do a cheaper version. A $1500 striped The Row sweather just isn't justifiable when I can just wear one from Forever New which looks the same.

    A coral MJ bag sounds fab Amy, I am sure it's gorgeous:)

    Thanks Kim-Marie, Can't believe what great customer service you received. This is wonderful and what makes a big difference in relation to how secure you feel purchasing something. The See by Chloe shopper looks fab too xx

  8. You can't really compare Net-A-Porter and Endless. Net-A-Porter is luxury and Endless is not. Great post though! :)


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