My long haul flight essentials

When I was little I thought flying was so much fun and I was a little jealous of my cousins who flew more than me because they lived in the south. Now on the other hand I find flying to be a chore, albeit a necessary one. I know it isn't all abut the destination, but the journey, so there are a few things I bring to be more comfortable. A flight from Sydney to Bodø takes almost 30 hours so in order to have a good trip it is important to be prepared. This is what I do.

The gadgets:

Fully charged iPod, Kindle, iPad & iPhone. I also have a portable charger which my boyfriend gave me a while ago and it is so great. You can charge it via the USB and it charges your i-anythings when you are on the go. I make sure I don't pack chargers in the checked luggage because as we all know, it can go missing. Some magazines are a good idea too for takeoff and landing.

The things:

I always have cold feet and some airlines will give you bed socks but they are usually quite thin. For every birthday and Christmas I used to ask for socks and mittens and my grandmas happily obliged. The socks above were the last pair I received from my farmor and they are very dear too me.

Flying is also very dehydrating so the Jurlique love balm is great for your lips, cuticles or any other dry areas. The Lush charity pot was an impulse buy at the counter (it costs $2) and it smells heavenly and is a great hand lotion. The Dermalogica multiactive toner is a spritzer for when you need freshening up. It's like a vitamin fountain for your face.

The lucky last items on my list is an eye mask, Pringles and water. You need to hydrate so much more than usual. Try and stay away from coffee, alcohol and soft drinks. I did have 2 coffees because it brought me comfort so do what is best for you. I also bring Pringles on every flight because I am a picky eater, airline food isn't always wonderful and the salt neutralises you if you are feeling naucius.

I have a vast eye mask collection at home and my favourites come from Peter Alexander and they retail for $8.90. Rest is important and if you are easily distracted or sensitive to light like me it helps shut out the world and your eyes can relax. It will change your flight experience, I promise.

What are your favourite flight tips?


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  1. I always pack a pashmina. Doubles as a blanket or scarf. I wash my hair and straighten it before flying and wear in a pony. Lasts longer than curls, which get messy quickly. I am allergic so I pack muesli bars and stuff to eat. I pack a silk square to use as an eye ask and it doubles as a headscarf. I pack Elizabeth Arden 8 hour creme,facial spritz, rosehip oil, mini deodorant and I wear slip on shoes ask suffer from oedema. I use a purse insert to carry my stuff that I need at my seat (toiletries, glasses, mints, tissues, baby wipes etc). I take a neck pillow (cause I usually have a sleeping Boyo on me). I also use my pashmina like a verandah - I tuck it like a canopy between my seat and the one in front to keep it dark enough for my son to sleep.

  2. Hi Ingrid :)
    My name is Fiona and I LOVE your blog! It's virtually my 'how-to' bible!
    I agree with hydration. My pet hate about flying is that you cannot take your own bottle on with you. Last year I was on a flight to Paris with Emirates and had to ask for water countless times over a four hour duration until I received a tiny cup! Any advice?
    Fiona xx

  3. Hi Kim,

    The pashmina is a great idea, I usually bring one but I could not find it prior to my trip. It sounds like you are well prepared for your travels and looking after your son very well=) Muesli bars would probably be much better than Pringles, but I love the salt. xx

  4. Hi Fiona,

    Thank you for your comment! It can be very hard getting water on flights and some flight attendants will conveniently forget your order as well. My trick is to buy water after you go through the security check from a newsagent or cafe so that you can drink it on the flight. Happy flying xx

  5. Hey hun, sorry to hear you had an exhausting and frustrating time travelling in...I hope things have picked up a bit for you now that you're back with your family.

    I always carry a pashmina and socks because I'm always cold, and I carry lip balm too! Aside from that, I think we carry pretty much the same things on board.

    Thinking of you! xoxo

  6. I know you wanted to know what our flying tips are related to beauty and make-up, but mine are just to survive. I am really not a fan of flying, so I become sub-human when 30 thousand feet in the air. I hope you are enjoying your family xox

  7. Thanks Hun, it is all good now. It's great to be back home but very sad too. The pashmina is a must but I couldn't find mine before the flight. Lip balm is perfect for dry lips too xx

  8. I completely understand it, flying can be very uncomfortable for many people and landing and takeoff feels very unnatural. I am loving being with my family, it is really helping xx

  9. Great post :) its gonna be super useful before I fly away next month. I have never used that dermalogica toner. I would love to see a full review on it to help me decide whether I should buy it :)


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