Lust Have It February Box

Now I have been waiting 2 months for this box seeing as the lovely Lust Have It ladies put a hold on the boxes for January. Naturally this just increased my excitement levels since I enjoyed the December box immensely.
After I tore open the wrapping (I have never been a classy unwrapper) I was most excited by what I saw.
I received a Lush Sugar Scrub which smells amazing, a perfectly pink Lancome Juicy Tubes,  a Rose Lavende Hand n Nail Repair Creme from Sasy n Savy which also smells delicious, a Taut Collagen infusion mas which I can't wait to try and lucky last - a Tame Lemongrass Detangler from Davroe which I started using straight away. I am so happy with this box all the products will be used for sure.


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