Love is in the air for I Love This Box

Woohoo, I Love This Box is here and it is themed for the month of love as well. Or maybe secretly they are doing it since February is my birthday month? Anything is possible...
When I received the box it smelt so nice I couldn't wait to tear it open. Let's just say I was not disappointed and I am not just talking about the red jellybeans. You can bribe me with sugar any day of the week.
The reason the box smelt so good was the 10ml sample of Elizabeth Arden's Red Door. It smells amazing and I love that it wasn't just a tiny sample but a beautifully deluxe packaged fragrance. Next up was a Keratinology by Sunsilk Overnight Treatment for salon treated hair and it couldn't have come at a better time!  I also received a Rose & Patchouli Hand & Nail Cream from The Aromatheraoy Co (also heavenly scented), a Kiss and Stay Lipgloss in Eternal Kiss from Rimmel Londonand a heart-patterned nailfile. 

I have been wanting to try the Keratinology range for a long time so I can't wait to dig in. My hair will be treated tonight for sure. I am already wearing Red Door (I couldn't wait) and the handcream (also couldn't wait) and I feel so refreshed.



  1. This looks great! How lovely to get so many surprise boxes!

  2. Thank you Jay Bee, that's very kind=)

    Yes it all rained at once Alison, I have so many new products to play with now...

  3. mine is yet to arrive but i really hope i get Red Door. It smells delish!

  4. Has anyone tried Beauty Basket??? I just signed up to them and their customer service is terrible...no replies to FB, emails, anything....I just got rid of Glossy Box and going to move to ILTB.

  5. Hi there, I haven't tried Beauty Basket but if their customer service is terrible I can't say I'm tempted... Let me know how you go xx

  6. This was my favourite box EVER! He he he. I wrote a review too but it was just like a little gift for Valentine's day. Love it!!

  7. Yes I adored it too! I'm glad you liked it Mel x


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