Les Exclusifs De Chanel - Eau de Cologne, Beige and No18

I believe the fragrance you wear speaks a lot about your personality, and this is why purchasing a fragrance for someone can be very hard. It is also fun to set the mood by switching your fragrance up depending on whether it's day or night. I have had many fragrances but now I have settled on these 3 beauties from Chanel. Previous loves included Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic, Ralph Lauren Ralph, J'Adore by Christian Dior, L'Eau D'Issay and Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle.
A happy Chanel family.
These fragrances are all 200 ml and made in France. They are part of the Les Exlusifs De Chanel range. The design is beyond and the scents are amazing. How cute is mini-Beige by the way? 

Eau De Cologne smells very clean with orangey undertones. Originally Coco Chanel created her own Eau de Cologne whihc has been reinterpreted by Jacques Polge. Ingredients include Bergamot, Mandarin Orange and some Neroli. According to Chanel it is the perfect summer fragrance and I agree.

Beige has lots of notes coming out of the bottle. I smell floral, rosey and fresh. It is described as a Nectar fragrance and it is a perfect description. Beige was one of Coco Chanel's favourite colours because they evoce elegance and grace. Jacques Polge has created a bouquet of Freesia, Frangipani, Hawthorn and a touch of Honey. Beige is perfection.

I was captured from the first moment I smelt No 18, I felt that a missing piece had been completed. It is again quite floral but with a hint of Jasmine and lots of Ambrette Flower. The fragrance is named after 18, Place Vendome which is the adress of the Chanel jewellery boutique located opposite the Ritz.

Now you must be wondering who Jacques Polge is? He is a French perfumer who has worked with Chanel since 1978 so he knows the brand and it's history very well. He is also known as Chanel's nose which is certainly something special to put on one's life resume.

Are you a Chanel-lover like me? What's your favourite fragrance?

Au revoir mon cheries xx


  1. I haven't every bought a Chanel perfume, but I do love Christian Dior perfumes. I fall in and out of loving perfumes. Sometimes I just prefer a scented body lotion.

  2. Christian Dior does great perfumes ladies. xx

  3. I am an Issey Mayake girl! I have tried to find other scents to wear for a change, but I always come back to it as my favourite! I have also recently purchased Kate Moss as a cheaper, daily version - this has a lovely aroma.

  4. Issey Miake has great fragrances. I will have to check out Mossy's perfume xx


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