Just in time for Valentine's Day: A story of 2 dates with 2 radio hosts

Last Thursday my boyfriend's sister Cait was chosen as the lucky duck to be taken out on two dates with Sydney radio hosts Ant and Becks. There would be one date on Friday and one on Monday and she was to judge who was the best date. I always think it's fun to hear about other people's dates, especially if they are disastrous but that's a story for another day.

On Friday afternoon Cait was interviewed by Ant and Becks and she did really well. It was pretty nerve-racking to hear her being interviewed but she held her own and it was a fun segment. After work it was a hurried frenzy to get ready and she ended up with ghd curls, Napoleon makeup and a blue dress. It can be scary going out on a blind date but she took it in her stride.
Becks brought her beautiful flowers and came in a Porsche. I was stalking from the balcony. Nothing new there.
They went bowling and had a great time. Can you guess who won?
There are more photos of the date on Ant & Becks' Facebook page and some of the comments are hilarious. 
Just a regular Friday night posing on a Porche.
Today it was time for another date and Becks was picking her up. Cait's sister Sarah had bought her a beautiful red dress so the outfit wasn't hard to assemble. She also had makeup by Napoleon & Maybelline and her hair freshly highlighted and blowdried straight. The nail polish was skinny latte by Napoleon.
Because the date was later in the evening it had started getting dark and I couldn't get any good paparazzi photos. Ant didn't bring flowers but he had a driver for his nice silver car.
Two happy campers, ready for a night out. They sure are a gorgeous pair.
I will update this post tomorrow with details of tonight's date and how the judging went.

Update: And & Cait went to a Mexican restaurant last night and had a great time. 

The judging: It was a very tough decision but Becks won the challenge of being the best date.

What's the best date you've had? Have you ever done a blind date?



  1. Her hair curly looks really good!
    What a fun competition!

  2. Yes she is a stunner. There couldn't be a better competition to win=)

  3. Ohhh I would have preferred the Mexican date ;) Will there be a 2nd date?

    Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day and get spoilt! XO

  4. Wow what a buzz for her! I love how her stylist has made her look! Well done Ingrid!

  5. I know, I love Mexican food. She also got a giant cactus so it was certainly something else. Not sure about a second date but I am sure there are more suitors around the corner. So far the day is going really well thanks Amy xx

    It was so exciting Alison and it happened so fast! Haha, I can't take the credit for it because her sister helped a lot, I was in charge of jewellery and taking pictures xx

  6. Wow, she looks gorgeous and what a fun competition to win! Like Amy, I think I would've gone for date #2! ;)

  7. Haha, he is definitely better looking but it all depends on chemistry. It's always tough having to choose between two excellent candidates x


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