How To: DIY Remove Shellac Polish

A few weeks ago I jumped on the Shellac train again and everything was going well until I noticed a chip on my right pointy finger on Sunday night. Due to us not having any hot water I couldn't remove the shellac then and since my local nail salon is closed on Mondays I couldn't go there either. I therefore had to do it myself on Monday night.
The offending chip. Another disadvantage with
Shellac is the re-growth at the base of your nails.
When I go to the salon to have it removed they soak my nails in a bowl of nail polish remover. That felt a bit drastic so I decided to use some simple tools including aliminium foil, nail polish remover and cotton buds. Controversial I know.
My Toolbox Part 1
I then laid out 10 cotton buds for my 10 fingers and divided up 10 tinfoils too. Just for next time I would recommend to make the aliminium foil pieces much larger than the cotton buds so that they stay on for longer and are more secure.
Small Alien Hats
I then moved onto dipping the buds into nail polish remover, placed one on my nail and set it with the tin foil. After having done one hand I entered into a dilemma. I wanted wine and I also wanted to finish my project. Because it is actually quite hard to do the process when one hand looks like it has placed a sticky glove in a piggy bank and I had to ask for re-inforcements from my boyfriend with the other hand. Don't tell him but he managed to do a better job than me. I'm not jealous at all.
Decisions decisions... 
After leaving this concoction on for 15-20 minutes (being distracted by the tv doesn't hurt), I went to the sink and removed each foil by twisting it off the nail to ensure that any remains came off. Any polish left on the nail I gently pushed off and it was really easy. I also washed my hands many times since nail polish remover stinks and isn't great for your hands. I prefer acetone free nail polish remover but with Shellac you need to bring out the strong stuff. 
My Toolbox Part 2
I then gently filed my nails, applied OPI's nail oil and sealed it with OPI's Original Nail Envy. Strong nails here I come. I aso applied handcream before bed.
Shellac Be Gone!
It was a success and I am most excited. It was a perfect thing to do on a Monday night and my nails are feeling strong and healthy. 




  1. So, will you get Shellac again? Love DIY beauty - saves so much cash x

  2. That's how I do it too, when I take my Shellac off at home! Must say it's easier in the salon because their acetone removers are much stronger than the drugstore brands we get!

  3. I am feeling very done with Shellac so I really don't think so. I have so many new nail polishes to try :)

    It is so much easier in the salon but when you have to take it off, it's got to come off xx


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