Hello from Abu Dhabi (updated with pictures)

First I just have to say that I am completely floored by the lovely comments I have received. I am so grateful for the support I have received and I am a very lucky lady.
I am now in Abu Dhabi, I made it through the first 14 hours of the trip. I also managed to find the Manly Sea Eagles down here of all places. The plane was also delayed by one hour from Sydney so I was scared we wouldn't make it out of Sydney before the curfew. We did though and here I am. The reason behind the delay was the bad weather last night with thunderstorms and lightening. They can't refuel the plane if there is lightening and you can't use any electronic equipment. Luckily I had a magazine with me and I also scored a free four seater so I had a nap. I only used 3 seats though, I'm never greedy;)

The flight went well but it is the most turbulent flight I have ever been on. I didn't mind though because I was resting horizontally with my sad playlist on repeat. Because I needed rest I forgoed desert which was coffee mousse but these things happen. Inalso managed to watch I don't know how she does it which was so-so. The flight attendants were lovely and be of them had the most fierce gold and green eye makeup on.

I decided to upgrade to the lounge here (for USD 39) so I had a shower (glorious), a cappuccino and the most wonderful chocolate pastry. I really needed a bit of pampering because I am exhausted.

The chairs are so comfy too - I just don't want to leave. I am also feeling lucky not being the business man who is being patronized by his boss on the table behind me. Which makes me think of my 2 colleagues who have offered to work straight through until I am back, they are so wonderful.

Again, thank you for your support xxxx


  1. I was wondering if you would make it out of the airport yesterday! The weather was shocking. Having a shower is amazing. I hate doing a long flight and being all stinky. XO

  2. I know, stinky isn't great. Then again, there are plenty of perfumes to try in tax free. Xx

  3. It sounds like a bit of an adventure Ingrid! Did the fierce, green eye shadow look good?

  4. It sure was. That flight attendant was so gorgeous, I should have taken a photo. The green and gold looked fantastic on her xx

  5. I bet you're having an amazing time, what an adventure!

    Have fun. X

  6. Thanks Melinda, It was certainly interesting and it is nice to be with the family xx


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