Glossybox - The Valentines Edition

I am hot and not just because of the weather but hot with excitement over the Glossybox I just received. It's full of beautiful products and I can't wait to experiment.
Because it is Valentines day the box is hot pink this month. I am loving it. I also want to provide a suggestion to use of the empty boxes. One of my old Glossyboxes are caretaking of some hairproducts and another safekeeps my usb cords and leads and all that jazz. I do love organising.
Now enough chit-chat, here are the lovely products I got.
1) Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash $39.45/475ml 2) Love Hearts (my favourite kid-candy) 3) Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner $54/124ml 4) Polished Lodon Nail Enamel in the shade Bitten Red $7.99/10ml 5) Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengtening Mascara $48/6ml 6) Star and Rose Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files (Price upon request). 

What can I say, this box has all the tools I need to look glossy and polished and I will actually try and tan my face with Tantasia because I have only heard good things about it. Bobbi Brown's mascaras are legendary and I also think Bitten Red is a gorgeous shade. 

Do you have a Valentine? 



  1. I love my box this time too. I received the same products but a different colour polish, mines Fushia. I have already tried the Tantasia on my legs. It's my birthday today and I am wearing a summer dress out to dinner. Looking forward to being able to use the Bobbi Brown mascara - but I can't until my lash extension fall off. Rachel x


  2. I am totally disappointed in my Glossy Box! I'm going to cancel my order! I missed out on the mascara, the tanning cream and the nail polish! I got temporary lip tattoos (WTF?) and an aye shadow (no name I'd ever heard of and a TINY eye shadow pigment (once again, one I hadn't heard of!) Anyway, sorry to whinge on your Blog Ingrid! I'm happy that you're happy though :)

  3. Thanks Rachel, I am glad you are happy too x

    I googled another box and found the one you got and I would have been very disappointed too. You are always welcome to whinge and I am so sorry you didn't receive a good box. Could you maybe talk with customer service and ask if you could swop? Surely they would want to keep you as a customer... x

  4. Hi Ingrid,
    I've just cancelled my subscription. I might try another brand. Do you recommend one? Thank you.

  5. Good on you. I can speak very highly of I ove this box and Lust have it, I have been with Lust have it from the beginning and they haven't disappointed. In the end it's important to assess which brands you want to try but the two I have mentioned are great x

  6. I was also disappointed by my Glossy Box. The only decent thing was a Mirenesse 3D Lipgloss. I got a decidedly disappointing cheap and nasty lip balm, for example. I'll give them another go and if they don't measure up, I'll cancel and try one of the other ones you've reviewed!

  7. I am no longer a fan of Glossybox, they need some serious catch up boxes because the other boxes are simply better value! :)

  8. I have cancelled my subscription to Glossybox and I don't miss them yet. I found their boxes could be quite unfair in value and although I was lucky every time I was annoyed on behalf of the other ladies who received poor value boxes xx


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