February Bellabox

This morning I went to the Post Office to collect my second Bellabox. I wasn't sure to expect since I had gotten such a cool surprise earlier in the month with a collection of Bellabox products. My first impression was that the box was very light so I thought this would be a makeup box.
When I got home I was pleased by what I got, they are all products I will use although I would love some bigger samples.
I received an adorable Star & Rose Confetti Soap Rose, a Sanctum body soothe body lotion, a Sasy n Savy Citrus Hand Cream, an Emergin-C vitality face mask, a B by Bloom Collecta Eye shadow Duo in Blue Mountains and a couple of chocolate hearts.

I can't wait to try the eye shadow because I don't actually own blue eye shadow. I have also been a fan of B by Bloom for a long time so I know their products rock. I am actually trialling the Emergin-C face mask now, it smells great and I look like Casper the ghost. At least my face is in a happy place. The confetti rose is just incredible, the petals are so thin and I almost think it's too pretty to use. I also always need handcream and body lotion so they will come in handy too.

All in all I am happy with the box but as I already mentioned, I would love some larger samples.

What did you get in your Bellabox? xx


  1. awesome review! my review is here with what I got:

  2. Thanks Rabbit, I will check it out:)

    The mask was great, my skin is glowing xx

  3. The mask looks great! You're the only person I know so far who's gotten any of the items in the teaser photo!

    Btw, hun, did you want to add each other on FB?

  4. This looks great - better than 'You Know What-Box'! I love blue eyeshadow - especially if it's applied really well. x


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