Chanel's Black Pearl Le Vernis

My love for Chanel has been declared here and there, and I just can't get enough. There is something so classic about their makeup and it's a piece of luxury in the everyday life. This nail polish was also bought in tax-free, in Zurich aiport. My rule of money not counting in airports especially applies to Chanel.
OPI RapiDry TopCoat, Chanel LeVernis
Black Pearl 513, OPI Nail Envy
As usual I used Nail Envy as a base coat (I am trying to strengthen my nails due to the DIY Shellac Removal), two coats of Black Pearl and a quick sweep of RapiDry on top. I find Chanel nail polishes very easy to apply and never have a problem in relation to getting enough coverage on each nail.
513 Black Pearl
The photo really doesn't do the colour justice but it is a hard shade to capture. Black Pearl is dark green with soft shimmer in it and the colour is just so pretty. 
Because I was going out for dinner I decided to match my eyeshadow to Black Pearl so I used a green shade from Smashbox.
Green and green should always be seen.
I think it's a fun way of connecting your look. It's the same beautiful way of matching red nails to red lips for instance.
I love frozen margaritas! Do you?
Do you ever match your face to your nails? Have you tried Black Pearl?



  1. I've never deliberately matched my face with my nails - but I often like to match my nails with something in my outfit - handbag or hair accessory!

  2. That's cool, I like the idea of matching, no matter what it is =) Although I just can't do double denim... x


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