3 flights, 2 sprints and 1 bag lost.

Being in Abu Dhabi went swimmingly and I felt so relaxed going on the plane. Against all odds I ended up sitting next to a really nice Norwegian girl and it made the plane trip to Brussels so much more enjoyable. May i also please slip in a quiet question? Why would they show the movie Contagion on a plane? It's a great movie but pretty full on regarding spreading of germs through humans and the items we touch. I did have hand sanitizer with me though so it wasn't all bad.

My Norwegian neighbour was also going to be on the flight to Oslo as me and we knew we only had 50 minutes to get from the plane to the gate in Brussels. As we were rushing off from the plane we met two other Norwegian ladies and we all ran so fast, blitzed through the passport and security check, got lost once but finally ended up at gate A42. And what do you know, the plane outbound for Oslo was delayed so we did all that stress for nothing. Except I really enjoyed getting to know them and we were laughing and hanging out whilst waiting. The sisterhood is not dead, i tell you. There was also a smoothie bar next door so I got a Booster Smoothie with berries, apple, orange, mint and ginseng. It was so good and I needed something healthy after seeing Contagion.

After we had waited for the plane for half an hour, we got on and then the pilot told us that since the flight was late, Oslo airport wouldn't accept them yet so we had to wait for another 30 minutes on the plane until we could take off. We landed at 17:25 and I was in a rush because my flight to Bodø was leaving at 18.35. Oslo airport was nice and icy though, check it out.

I skipped tax free and headed straight to the luggage pick up. I waited, waited and waited some more. My bag didn't come! Neither did the bags of the 3 ladies I had met earlier. We ran over to the luggage claim place and as it was 18.05 I quickly filled out the form and legged it out of customs. The bags must have missed the connection in Brussels. Hopefully I will hear back from Ethiad this week.

By the time I got to the SAS counter to check in it was 18.15 and I was in a serious hurry. I found an employee by the check in entrance, started crying and said I really need to go home, I am in a rush and my bag has been lost. I asked him to help me and he said okay, you can go through without checking in and see the ladies at the gate. I could see that the line at the security check was really long so I again asked him to help me and he got me through the express security check (I was so grateful). The guard looked so disgusted by my crying face that he couldn't be bothered to check my ID or anything. I ran super fast to the gate and straight to the counter. It was 18.20 now and they hadn't boarded yet. I was still crying but the lady sorted me out and recommended I took 5 minutes to relax and freshen up. She was really nice and got me a good spot. The awkward thing was that the whole gate could see me but I was too tired to care. The flight to Bodø was uneventful (I made a list of the things I packed in my bag) so I was productive until we went in for landing. They needed to de-ice the runway so we had to circle in the air for 35 minutes before going in for landing again. Just what you want to hear after countless hours in the air.

I got picked up by my parents and my sister, my brother and I all had family night with sandwiches, hot cocoa and lots of banter. As you can tell from the picture it is freezing here and I am not dressed for this. Luckily the outfit I wore on the plane is black so that I have something appropriate to wear for the memorial tomorrow afternoon (it will be so sad!) My dad is also taking me shopping tomorrow morning so I can get some essentials.

I hope you are well and I want to leave you with some advise;

Always remember to keep your luggage receipt and what you packed in your bag. It will come in handy some time.


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  1. Oh what a lot of fuss! You must have been EXHAUSTED after all of that (I was exhausted at just the thought of it all). You still manage to be positive in your writing though - I love that x

  2. I know - so dramatic. In the end the worst had already happened so nothing worse could happen. I was just so happy to make the last flight - it was really touch and go. Had I not spoken up and requested help I wouldn't have made it. My bag arrived on Tuesday so now I have a double wardrobe xx

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