25 on the 25th

It's birthday time and it has come around really quickly. I didn't end up having the drinks I had planned of course but I am really looking forward to a quiet family birthday. My cousins and uncle are here too so it will be a full house. It's funny going from a sad day to a happy day but I think it is welcome and gives us something to smile about.

We have also been spoilt and received lots of nice flowers from friends and colleagues of my parents this week.

The funeral was absolutely stunning and it was great to see so many friends and family. The songs that were sung were breathtaking and so comforting. We were in my favourite church which I spent a lot of time in growing up because I sung in a choir there. My sister made me laugh on the way to the church because she was worried there would be funeral crashers afterwards who just wanted free sandwiches and cake but I reassured her it would be highly unlikely for this to happen.

Time spent together is a valuable commodity and you just can't put a price on it. This is becoming more and more clear to me as I grow older. But let's rewind and look at how much I have changed in 25 years. I unknowingly gave Jay-Z competition for his lips when I was younger. Now not so much. Here I am a few hours old.

I have never been a big party animal and I still love going early to bed. Here I am 3 going on 63, having a nanna nap.

Whenever there was a party, I was always the last to leave the table. There was just so much deliciousness to be consumed and never enough time. Here I have been abandoned by my guests at my second birthday party.

I still love a good cake to this day so I haven't changed too much.

I also started with clown-makeup from an early age - I was destined to be a beauty-lover.

And I know I sound like a broken record but I would just like to again say how grateful I am for your loving words and strong support. You have made this a little easier for me and I feel like I have an online sisterhood full of strong women. If I could send you cake I would xxxx

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  1. Glad that the funeral went well for you guys. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a great day!

  2. I hope you had a great birthday celebrating with your family XO

  3. Happy Birthday Ingrid! I hope your day was wonderful. It's great that you were able to enjoy a happy event with many of your nearest and dearest. Now, let's talk about how you are going to post me some of that cake :) xox

  4. I'm glad everything went well and i'm also glad to hear that you still had a wonderful birthday. Your old photos are beautiful! Put a smile on my face!

  5. Thanks Jimmi Lou, it was a fab day xx

  6. Thanks Amy, it was a great day xx

  7. Thank you Alison. It ended up being a great day. If I was in charge there would be cake for everyone. Then again, your birthday is in May s you have something to look forward to xx

  8. Thank you hun, the pictures are hilarious. Glad you enjoyed them xx


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