Second Edition of Beautiful Brows

I love having my brows done and I can be quite lazy in between visits to Lien, the fabulous lady behind Brows and Makeup. I justify it by saying to myself that Lien will fix them anyways but I really should be maintaining them better before each appointment. Like I mentioned last time, my brows are actually quite uneven. By using brow powder and brow wax I can manipulate them to look more even and it really works.

Yesterday I had another appointment with Lien and it was perfect timing since my brows were beyond needing a good clean up.
Lien's technique includes measuring straight up from the nose to see where the brows should start (we are still trying to let mine grow more together), she then meashures the end of the brow also from the nose and lastly finding the ideal place for the arch to be. Throughout my visits she has been able to move my archpoint so that my brows look more even and natural. Since Lien uses a tweezer and not wax she has more precition and can have more attention to detail for even the tiniest of stray hairs. 
I am so happy with them and I like how they frame my face. I will do my best to maintain them until my next appointment, I promise.

How do you like your brows? Do you prefer to have them done for you or are you a DIYer? Xx


  1. Your brows look great!! I get mine waxed every 3 weeks or so (and just at a shopping centre hairdresser lol), but only for a tidy up and not shaped as nice as yours! I should find somewhere near me that does good eyebrow shaping :) xx

  2. I get them done every now and then but mostly maintain them. Mine are light and have a fairly strong desire to do what they want to do.

    However my recent appointment with Sirong encouraged me to grow them closer together and she tinted them for me. They look great! I'm happy with them :)

  3. Hi Corrina, thank you so much. I used to have mine waxed at Benefit brow bar but had a few bad experiences because I could never get the same person to do them so it became quite inconsistent. I think as long as you see the same person you should be fine:)

    Miss T your brows are absolutely gorgeous. I saw them after you had your hair done last and they truly compliment your face and hair colour. Absolutely fabulous


  4. Your brows look lovely!

    I usually get mine done every 2-3 weeks to just tidy them up. I used to have really thick brows but waxing/threading have gotten them a bit thinner, and I just cannot be bothered growing them out because they look so untidy!

  5. I am a lazy DIYer, I just don't have patience to stand and do them at the bathroom mirror. I prefer to go to my beautician and have them done once every 4-6 weeks. I'll do a little pluck if I have an event and get desperate. LOVE how it feels afterwards - feels like I shed 10kgs sometimes :)
    Your brows look great!!!

  6. Thanks MM! Trust me, mine are super thick too!

    Alison, I am sure you are a talented DIY'er. It is so true, it can truly transform your face and how it looks.


  7. I am terrible at doing mine. I would love to go and see someone, but it is just impossible with a little one. Especially since Lien is the other side of town. It makes a HUGE difference when a professional does it! XO

  8. Hello, this a a great post and I always enjoy them. This is why you have received the Liebster Award.
    Here is the link:


    Rachel xx

  9. They look fab! I used to be a DIYer but am now suffering with too thin eyebrows as a result! I now have mine threaded every 3 weeks and we are working hard on grwing them out and reshaping! My beautician is quite strict and doesn't want me to touch in between appointments but I still can't help a little tweeze now and again.

  10. Hi Amy, I think your brows are lovely! I am sure having a cute little daugther makes it harder to leave the house but that's just more motivation for DIY;)

    Thank you Rachel, you are too sweet!

    Haha Carly, I almost wish I had the same problem, my brows can grow to become twice the size if I let them. Not such a fab idea. I am glad your beautician is strict because she means well and you will love the results



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