Review: L'Oreal UV Perfect

Sunscreen is an essential part of my skincare regime and should be part of yours too. In the morning I cleanse my face once, dry off and apply sunscreen to my face and eyecream under my eyes. The ideal sunscreen should protect against UVA+UVB rays. I have been using L'Oreal UV Perfect for quite some time and have been really happy with the result.
UV Perfect protects against Harmful UV Rays, Premature Skin Ageing, Brown Spots and is a 30+SPF UVA+UVB Broad Spectrum sunscreen. The packaging is perfect and it smells quite good and not too much of sunscreen. It is also suitable for sensitive skin which is great for me. 
It works very well under makeup and won't try and compete with your foundation for attention. It stays as a base didn't dry out my skin either. My skin is prone to freckles (thanks Grandma) so I always have to be very careful with regards to sun protection. 

I learn a really important lesson last week from Tina at Chasing Elixir about the fact that all sunscreens must have an L number either printed on the box it comes in or on the bottle itself. L'Oreal UV Perfect has the L number printed on the front of the bottle which is great. Any reputable brand would have it but it is an important thing to look for and I always enjoy learning something new.

I really like UV Perfect because it moisturises, it does what it says and it makes my skin feel good. A triple-treat in other words.

What's your current sunscreen? Have you tried UV Perfect? xx


  1. I love Neutrogena Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser, with 30+ SPF for Normal/Combination Skin. I find many of the SPF moisturisers are too heavy and just a day after I put them on, I break out, so this is moisturiser is fantastic. It's light and it seems to have really good coverage. Thanks for your review.

  2. How funny, that moisturiser is the next on my list, I got it as a gift with purchase in InStyle magazine this week. I just want to finish one moiosturiser before I start on the next. Breaking out is awful so I am glad it is a good one xx


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